Eco Village

Sustainability, Green Building, and Natural Harmony

Zorba the Buddha is an eco village created in harmony with nature. A model of sustainability and green living, our eco village is made from organic local materials such as earth, bamboo and thatch. Buildings and windows have been strategically placed to receive natural breeze during summers and sunlight in winters. Award winning gardens consist of a multitude of tropical plants, flowers and trees and numerous water bodies within the eco village attract colorful and exotic birds. Inside the buildings, natural fabrics decorate the rooms together with minimalist wooden furniture. All this makes Zorba the Buddha one of the best places to visit near Delhi, whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat, or are interested in a prime example of sustainability in action.

Below is how one of our recent visitors conveyed their response to the peace found here

“…Clearly a part is played by the artfully constructed physical environment, obviously contrived, but with a subtle touch, to give the effect of nature at its most intoxicating. Once through the gateway, in dappled light, you might find a parrot feasting among the fruits and leaves. Luscious tropical abundance extends around and upward, softening and integrating the rounded earthen walls of the buildings. Roofs of bamboo and thatch undulate. Bright birdsong flits over curved bodies of water. The ponds weave between the lawns and green buildings, reflecting the light both ways. In this oasis of sustainability, it is hard to believe you are on the outskirts of one of the world’s largest cities, and truly this is one of the most peaceful and restorative of places to visit near Delhi…”