“To bring back the pieces of your spirit and to project it in a seamless relationship with the world around you needs courage. With this, you heal. In this act, the whole is healed.” Koitso, Book: Teachings of the Elder Sparrow

Explore a unique session in healing with ancient nature traditions in which you bring yourself to the core of your being enabling you to transform into a new self.

The full-day session provides an intensive opportunity to heal ancestral (genetic) and present memories, retrieve past memories of our spirit to help us strengthen our lives, communicate with our moon and sun bodies, channelize earth and water energy and consciously integrate nature into our life.

Since it is not a workshop but an exhaustive session of healing with limited participants, you will find room to also learn shamanic processes and insights into the traditional system of healing among the Kiranti shamans of the Eastern Himalayas.

Beginning with Earth ceremony using mud and water smearing as ritual elements to the ground and a ritual reading of participants, the day progresses in activities that include shamanic visualization, journeys, specific food, the ritual cleansing of our energetic bodies, symbol making and a rite of passage.

Using two rounded retreat huts, the day delves into the process of destroying and creating the self simultaneously. To sum, the full day session provides a powerful way of reconnecting with ourselves in a new light of relationship.

Registrations: This is not a workshop. It is a full day session including individual consultation and various shamanic processes of healing. As such, the recommended participation is less with a maximum of 5 only.


Facilitator Bio: Koitso Salil Mukhia

Koitso Salil Mukhia is from the Kiranti indigenous community of the Eastern Himalayas and from the Koinch group – one of the smaller linguistic tribes. An initiate into shamanism as a young child and working to document the sacred traditions of tribal cultures and retell vanishing stories, his effort over the last 15 years, both as a storyteller and traditional healer reflects a vanishing realm of indigenous cultures, sacred traditions and the urgency to bring their relevance forward in the urban context.

Founder of Acoustic Traditional and Festival of Indigenous Storytellers, Koitso’s projects such as One Tribe, Stories on the Verge and Elder Earth (now), brings the lesser-known traditions of tribal India before the mainstream in ways that have had a deep impact on the audiences. His ongoing work continues to weave in his knowledge of stories, sounds and healing together and making them relevant in the urban contexts.


Date and Time: 26th May (9.30 AM and 6.30 PM)

Contact : Vimal

Phone : +91 9250361903  

EMAIL : happiness@zorbathebuddha.org


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