Ayurvedic massage is a form of intense body work that combines ancient wisdom of Indian medicine with that of yoga. It involves deep, vigorous and stimulating hand contact and yogic stretching techniques. With the help of both hands and feet, the practitioner helps release not only deeper tensions in the muscles and joints but also gives total relaxation to the body-mind system.

The nine-day certified Ayurvedic massage training is designed sequentially for basic and advanced body work. Through this program, the participants will practice traditional Ayurvedic massage, Abhyanga, on the floor, which involves massaging the back of the body, hips, neck and shoulders with their hands. Special yogic stretching will also be integrated at each stage of learning. The detailed process of walking on the back of the body, the back of the legs and the arms will be taught in the advanced stage.  In the end, floor work will be brought back to the massage table. To help deepen your understanding of the body, Prarthna will introduce you to the basics of Ayurveda and familiarize you with herbs and oils, which help stimulate the body’s blood circulation and cleanse toxins from the deeper layers of the muscles.

As an Osho sanyasin, she believes sensitivity is the very essence of this trans-formative touch. The sessions will include meditation and mantra singing to enable a deep sharing of energy and harmony in the body.


rsz_cherryPrem Prarthna is an Ayurvedic massage therapist, a dietitian and nutritionist with an MSc. from India. She has been teaching and practicing Ayurveda and Ayurvedic massage in India and Europe more than last 11 years. Her training includes experience in Hara massage, Holistic massage, Rebalancing, Craniosacral work, Ayurvedic cooking, and Meditation. She has developed a special technique combining Yoga, Mantra singing and Traditional Kerala methods of using the feet on the body during massage. At present she lives in Toscana in Italy and often travels to India and Europe.

Event Details:-

Date & Timing: 25th March – 2nd April, 2017 (All day)


Contact:- Maitri
Email: happiness@zorbathebuddha.org

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