Abracadabra “My word is my wand”: Learn to live a life of abundance




In this transformational workshop, originally created by best-selling author  Florence Shin and Louise L Hay (You Can Heal Your Life), we will understand the power of affirmations, the vibrations of the spoken words, how our own thoughts create our reality, why we are leading the life that we are and also how to alter the same. Learn how you can live a life of abundance in all areas of life.

The workshop starts with a 45 minute video about Jonathan Langley’s life. Once a successful painter and printmaker, Jonathan now lives in complete darkness, rarely leaving his apartment and is angry at the world. When he encounters his precocious 11-year-old neighbor, Lupe, the two form an unlikely friendship. Her cheerful presence shatters his hardened exterior, revealing a gentle man struck by tragedy. Lupe leads him to a fresh perspective by showing him the power of kindness, compassion, and love.


Once we have taken an idea on how the subconscious mind works along with the power of the spoken word, we shall learn the technique of declaring our future wants and desires. This is a way of affirming for a life you really wish to create.

Come to create life in a positive way

Workshop focus

  • What are affirmations & how they effect us
  • The secret behind the secret
  • How to write a new story for myself & The power of declaration

Asmah D’souza is a Life Coach and Corporate Mentor who conducts Workshops on ESQ (enhance the spiritual quotient), EIQ (Empower Integrity quotient), Positivity and Productivity Enhancement, Train-the-Trainer. She is also a Graphologist and public speaker on Power of subconscious Mind. She is renowned from last 9 years for her Heal Your Life Workshops. A Tarot Card Reader with a comprehensive expertise as a Clinical hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner & Theta Healing Specialist.

Having worked with corporate such as ICICI Prudential Life Insurance she understands the dynamics of work-life balance and helps individuals as well as the organization to expedite the transformation as the simple process of “Change” changes its dimensions to “Transform Together.”

Her approachable outlook and customer centricity has given her an edge over the others in the respective field. She has been recipient of several awards for her work excellence. Notable amongst these are Excellence Par Trainer in Louise L Hay Philosophy Awards by International Spiritual & Hindu Mythology Awards in 2013. She has been felicitated in 2016 as the “Spiritual Diva” at the International Spiritual & Hindu Mythology (ISHMA) Awards


Date & Timings : 8th December, 2017 (5 PM – 8 PM)

Contact : Shia
Phone : +91 9717469268
Email : celebrate@zorbathebuddha.org

Abracadabra “My word is my wand”

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