A Taste Of “Born Again” – Meditation Workshop

This meditation will truly help you to taste playful innocence of childhood by transforming your energies to tune in with the vibrations of dancing and celebrating world around you.

The meditation is a process that takes place for three hours. For the first hour, the facilitator will prepare the participants for intensive spiritual experience through pre-work activities. Then, the participants take the space and freedom to behave as children for the second hour. For the third hour, they will sit in complete silence doing nothing.

In the end, you will be really alive again by putting aside knowledge, seriousness and a sense of past. You will have the eyes of a child, the senses of a child — young, vibrating with life — the whole of life vibrates with you.

This meditation takes you to the child that you are.

Facilitator Bio : Swami Prem Vartan

An athlete at heart, Swami Prem Vartan was swept away by the love and grace of the master when attended his first Osho meditation camp in 1990. During this camp itself his love for the master culminated in the eternal love affair as a disciple with his initiation into neo sannyas. Since then, he has been practicing the meditation techniques given by Osho regularly and is absolutely in love with Dynamic and Mandala meditations and White Robe brotherhood. He lived in Osho Ashram in Pune and participated in many groups, therapies and meditation sessions and worked as caretaker of the Osho Teerth Park.

Swami Vartan traveled to Dehradun and spent four years meditating in Osho Om Bodhisattva commune, Dehradun and at the Osho valley in Hathiyari before he started to facilitate meditation camps all over the country since 2000. He has also been facilitating groups like No – Mind and Born Again.

Professionally, Swami Vartan has done advanced study in Naturopathy and Yoga science from Punjab University, Chandigarh and has also completed Original point therapy from Taiwan.

Date & Timings : 21st April, 2018 (5:45 PM – 8:00 PM)


Contact : Shozo
Phone: +91 9654322882
Email: explore@zorbathebuddha.org

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