Have you ever considered the fact that your working life consists of 1/3rd of your total life span?


The amount of time and energy we spend at work starts to shape our life in a big way. Whatever we experience at work will affect how we feel the whole day. So it makes sense to start bringing awareness to the way we work. Latest researches in the field of neurology show positive effects of meditation on our brain, stress levels and efficiency. However one key point is missing here:


Meditation is not something that you do before or after work. It is not something that you have to cultivate only in your free time. It is a way of living in which you start bringing meditation to every aspect of your life so that your whole life becomes full of health, well-being and relaxation.


During these 3 days, we are going to explore our behavior, beliefs and conditioning around work, so that we can start using meditative skills to change them, in case they are not serving us. At the end, we will be learning inner skills to transform work into  play.


We will be using playful meditative tools of awareness, totality, change, compassionate communication and much more. This course is designed based on OSHO’s insight on working life.


Some of the Key Benefits of this workshop :


You will feel a shift in the way you look at your work.

Your capacity to adapt to fast paced changes will increase.

You will feel grounded in how you  work.

You will resolve conflicts at work much faster.


Anahata (from India) has worked in the corporate world in the diplomatic domain for several years, before re-inventing himself as an entrepreneur. He is the founder of an ethical, organic clothing company called Soul-Sutra. Parallel to this, he has studied Meditation and Osho Meditative Therapies for many years and has also apprenticed with Ma Sarita in Tantra Essence for 7 years. Anahata is trained in Mystic Tantra Massage and also offers the ‘Sex to Super-consciousness’ Training and Tantra Dance events. He offers Tantra courses in India and Europe. His teaching blends a synthesis of Eastern Mysticism and Western Therapy, a holistic approach which is both uplifting for the soul and grounding for body and emotions. His passion for Tantra ignites a fire of awakening in his students.

Date & Timing : 24th – 26th Feb, 2017 (3.30 PM – 8.00 PM)


Contact : Roshni
Phone : +91 9717469268
Email : celebrate@zorbathebuddha.org

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