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Biodanza is in here and now. The past is no more, the future hasn’t arrived yet. Life happens in the here and now. Don’t run after the past and don’t lose yourself in the future.

The combination of joy, movement, vitality, creativity, emotions and feelings, the taste of pure divine love, joy of life, with a lot of rhythm and music will accompany us through the workshop.

The Biodanza system is based on the unique combination of music, movement and feeling. Vitality, creativity, playing and sensitivity is touching us inside and outside of our body. The guided exercises are experienced to do it alone, in pairs or in the group. Suitable music will help to enjoy the here and now truly.

There are no predetermined movement patterns or patterns of behavior. Previous experiences are therefore not necessary. – “Non-dancers” and “Dancers” experience the excitement of their very own approach to rhythms and melodies that accompany the exercises and can change lives.

The ability to engage yourself on something or somebody as well, as the strength of being able to distance oneself without crossing the personal boundaries of each other. How much I am willing but also able to engage on this moment? A workshop for joy, clarity, love, self-knowledge and healthy even demarcation.

Facilitator Bio : Hubertus(Gautama Siddhartha Buddha)

Hubertus is a qualified didactic Biodanza-Facilitator as well as trainer/coach in business.

With joy, love and empathy, he teaches with his method, to move the participants of his seminars and workshops in particular way, that they could discover their own potentials and to learn how to live with it in empathy.

25 years ago, he followed the call to bring joy, lived love and empathy to people. In India, he met his spiritual teacher who gave him the teachings of Osho on his way and he becomes Osho – Sannyas. So he brings also Meditation with movement and music to the people.

18 years ago, he discovered the way of biocentric life and biocentric management, which consequently changed his life completely and he carries the biocentric way of life with joy into the world. He is teaching in Europe, India and China Biodanza and tantric groups.

Date & Timings : 19th March, 2018 (5:45 PM – 8:00 PM)


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