Contact Improvisation Dance – Sensing Through Presence

This workshop will be focused on both creating a ground for contact dance improvisation skills and qualities of sensing though somatic methods, and awaking of awareness through heightening the senses.

A unique way to develop the physical principles of CI which are deep listening and finding a real state to be totally present in our senses.

We will look at very basic principles of CI, as “rolling point of contact”, support, use of momentum, in & out of contact, guided through blindfold, Moving without our vision, and being aware of our surroundings by working on our peripheral vision.

We will also have space for self-directed learning, talks & sharing, exploring questions and having discussions on different themes, boundaries, consents and bodywork.

You are welcome to join “The Concert – Sound In Silence” by ‘David Swarup’ the Hand Pan pioneer and ‘Erich Lehna’ with his guitar FX. Here is an invitation to enter the space, a continuous flow of Contact Jam with live music.

For more info  about the concert, please follow the link below:


-Please register in advance and come on time.

-Wear comfortable clean clothes to dance.

Facilitator Bio: Guru Suraj 

Guru Suraj sees dance as not only every ones birth right,but as one of the greatest tools of awakening ones consciousness and awareness. It can be a mirror to look deeply into our self. All we have to do is stay and watch. I trust in intuition and spontaneity. Since I learnt this secret, dance has been a sheer joy and playfulness.





Date & Timings : 18th April 2018 (2.30 PM – 5.30 PM)


Contact : Shital
Phone : +91 9311131096
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