Chakra Balancing & Self-Healing Retreat by Mehboob Sohel

We can heal ourselves in a manner that is sustainable, effective and deep when we awake the inner healer within us.

Time and again we have seen miracles occur when our being is ready and accepting the fact that healing is possible.

Today we have a tremendous amount of research and work available to prove the fact that, healing is more of an inner journey than a journey to any hospital.

We are no more looking at the wellness of the mind and body but WELL-BEING as a true measure of ensuring that we live this physical life to our fullest and truest potentials.

This retreat focuses on establishing a deep connection to your inner healer thereby kickstarting the journey to a healthier happier and more fulfilling life.

One of the key measures of a fully healthy and functional being is that our chakras are in alignment, balance and full of life energy.

When we understand the interconnectedness of our biophysical, biochemical and electromagnetic being and hold the ability to diagnose and heal ourselves, we truly come in alignment to our true selves.

By Aligning & Balancing our chakras, we ensure the physical, emotional and energetic parts of ourselves to have a free channel of expression.

This is a precondition in ensuring a rich life experience filled with a sense of balance and awareness.

You will learn to sense obstacles and to dissolve them, leaving your future open to complete expression of your deepest potentials.

Topics, Discussions, Meditations & Exercises:

  • Pranic healing for energy cleansing
  • Chakra diagnostics
  • Understanding of chakras
  • Healing practices through the management of prana
  • Diet, lifestyle and other considerations
  • Deep chakra balancing meditation

Key Takeaways:

  • Heal yourself of Physical as well as Energetic imbalances
  • Diagnose zones of disease or energy depletion
  • Identity and heal weak energy areas
  • Emerge conscious and aware of your mind, body, and spirit
  • Develop a deep connection to the healer within
  • Lead a happier, healthier & harmonious life, by learning to balance & align your chakras

Important Instructions:

*3 Student, Artist, Need-Based Scholarships available.

* Please wear loose and comfortable clothes.

* This program is open to everyone, you can list this in the media.

*All of our programs are in English.

Facilitator: Sohel Mehboob

An ex-corporate CEO who quit everything overnight to become a sacred geometry artist, musician, and spiritual guide.

His radical switch from a profit-seeking chief executive to a passion-seeking artist and healer coincided with the date extensively linked with the 2012 phenomenon.

As a spiritual guide and energy healer, his work is very original and his effort to create a simplified language towards understanding chakras, self-healing, metaphysical dimensions, sacred geometry symbols, and the extra-sensory phenomenon like telepathy and the pineal gland are noteworthy.

Apart from the extensive meditation & healing expertise he also believes in demystifying the secretive and esoteric world of spirituality by use of simple logic and easy language so one gets a very deep as well as thorough understanding of the subject at hand.

In his words “once i discovered and connected with the spirit inside me and found ways to tune into the universal consciousness grid, every content that flows through me is not from textbooks or courses and masters, but from the deepest records of all that there is in the universal consciousness grid, hence you will find an originality and freshness to every meditation and technique you will experience in my workshops”.

His workshops are highly original and experiential in nature. The meditations are very powerful and delivery is hands on.

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Date & Time: 15 & 16 June (9:45 AM – 6:00 PM)

Contact: Priyanka

Phone: +91 9654327230


Please Call between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM IST


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