Chakra Sound Healing

Our energy field or aura defines our life experiences and the things, situations and people we attract.

Sometimes we are stuck in patterns because our aura becomes dented, blocked and eroded. This robs us of the rich experiences that we truly deserve in life.

This blindfolded meditation concert aims to rebalance, energize and revitalize our aura through frequencies, shamanic sounds, cleansing affirmations, guided meditations, aromatherapy, breathwork and chants.

This alchemical process of cleansing and energizing of chakras results in charging of energy and thereby altering the chemistry of the body creating a charged and vibrant aura and ultimately enhancing our life experiences and attracting situations, people and experiences that serve our true potential.


This blindfolded music meditation is a healing journey unlike any other. This 2-hour healing and energizing journey is meant to bring you in touch with the energy centres of your being and healing them of blockages and problems that have accumulated through time.

This sound & aroma healing experience activates the subtle realm of the senses of smell & hearing while cutting down the over-used senses of sight and speech.

Working from a deeply intuitive and subtle space the healers use deep breathing, affirmations and meditative practices that are meant to heal and energize your chakras, thereby leaving you with a deep sense of peace, relaxation, balance and a renewed sense of well-being.

Facilitator Bio: Mehboob Sohel & Varun H Lulla

Mehboob Sohel

An ex-corporate CEO who quit everything overnight and became a sacred geometry artist, musician and a healer. His radical switch from a profit-seeking chief executive to a passion-seeking artist and healer coincided with the date extensively linked with the 2012 phenomenon stories.

As an energy healer, his work on simplifying the understanding of the framework of chakras, the metaphysical dimensions, sacred geometry and the extrasensory phenomenon is noteworthy. He brings extensive meditation & healing expertise and his musical talents to the fore in this unique mediation concert. He plays the Sitar, Bansuri, Ek tar and guides the meditation.

Varun H Lulla

Varun H Lulla headed to Rajasthan when he fell in love with the moorchunga after a friend introduced him to it. At the source, he picked up its rhythms from master makers in Jaisalmer and traditional musicians and returned to spread his passion for these ancient instruments.

As the founder of the music brand, SangeetAnand, he’s been in performing, teaching, making and selling Moorchungas, Kalimbas, singing frogs and other tribal instruments for over 10 years. He is currently designing a multi-sensory experience through sound, light, dance and fragrance to tell a story about plants and their music through their biorhythms.

As an artist and a revolutionary with a message  – he devotes enormous time to the City Farming Movements as well as Making Fruit Forests and Off The Grid Living Spaces. Look him up, also if you wish to have a Butterfly attracting fragrant garden as a performance space or where you wish to throw a circus of the dedicated and devoted into a pool of creative freedom.

Date & Time : 17 July 2018 (5:45 PM – 8:00 PM)

3 – Student/Artist/Need-based scholarships are available.

Contact: Arpita
Phone : +91 9654324972


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