Conceptual Photography Talk with Ashok Kochhar

Looking for a mentor to guide you, adapt your own signature style in photography? You’re in the right place.

An open house session with a professional photographer is a valuable experience that can help you better your skills.

This talk is designed to teach you new techniques and post production skills to get the desired image.

You will know the aspects of conceptual photography by using your imagination in every possible way and capturing your vision.

We will ensure individual interactions as you will be offered one-on-one time with the expert itself.

This can be a great opportunity for you to become aware of how to conceptualize and approach a subject, also know about the various important aspects of photography.

Facilitator: Ashok Kochhar 

Ashok Kochhar defies characterization as a visual artist. Over the last five decades, his visual artwork has spanned not just across industries but also across genres — from high end fashion/industrial to conceptual to landscapes to street and the list carries on.

As a commercial photographer, he has worked with the best of the international brands.

He has also represented Canon India for several years as its brand Ambassador.

He has over a dozen books to his name, along with contributions to various exhibitions, and has been taking workshops across India and New Zealand since 2008.

Ashok is also a spiritual being at heart. He has started several initiatives to selflessly spread happiness using visual arts.

His best-known non-profit initiatives are ‘A Million Smiles’ (capturing smiles of women using his old 8”X10” camera digitally), ‘Journey of a mystic’ (a multicity exhibition) and the biggest of all ‘My World-My Vision’ a community initiative to address teenage stress (exposing school kids to visual arts by providing them cameras free of cost, a nation wide initiative in New Zealand).

Ashok is an avid traveler and divides his time between Hamilton, New Zealand and New Delhi, India.

Presently he is engaged in the most prestigious project on “The Mother Ganges”, capturing river from its origin to the delta which is a 3000 Km long journey.

Date & Time: 17th August 2019 (5:45 PM – 8:00 PM)

Contact: Gautam

Phone: +91 8929669101


Please call between 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM IST

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