Conscious Touch Massage Sessions (For Women Only): A Way To Relax Deep In Your Body 

Conscious Touch Massage (For Women Only)  is a harmonious integration of distinctive healing techniques. It ranges from the physical engagement of deep tissue massage, through passive yoga stretches, to delicate re-balancing of subtle energies. This powerful process creates a space for healing by detoxifying and awakening body, heart and soul.

Samya’s practice brings together skills in areas as diverse as yoga therapy, reflexology, naturopathy and massage. But what makes her process truly unique is the love, awareness and respect with which she approaches your body.

Centered in bodywork – deep tissue massage with body-aligning stretches – Conscious Touch Massage adapts flexibly to the needs of the individual and the moment. Though the work is deep at the physical level, it also intensely relaxing on a mental level and balancing at an energetic level. She swears by the philosophy ‘The body is a temple’. Her work helps you regain the harmonious bliss of the sacred.

Facilitator Bio: Samya


Samya is a yoga practitioner and certified yoga therapist, reflexologist and naturopath. She practices Tibetan pulsing and facilitates tantra for couples. Her lifelong interest in personal health and holistic healing is further empowered by regular Osho meditations.


Date and Timings: 16th – 27th April 2018 (10:00 AM – 5:00 PM)


Contact: Shozo
Phone : +91 9654322882

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