Conscious Touch Workshop: Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage was originated about 2500 years ago in India. It was brought over to Thailand with the migration of Buddhism, as a medical practice by a famous Indian doctor “Jivaka Kumar Bacca“, Buddha`s personal physician.

Thai Yoga Massage is refined with elements of Osteopathy and Cranio Sacral therapy and can be experienced as a sacred dance or as yoga for 2 persons. The holistic bodywork traditionally consists of an individually adapted asana – stretching sequence combined with an

Acupressure point massage on energy (Sen) lines. Working the lines, the whole body can be treated by opening energy and physical or emotional blockages.

In this workshop you will learn how to give a good, simple massage to family and friends. After a warm up with some partner Yoga you will learn…

* some general principles of Thai Massage

* correct posture for minimum effort and maximum result

* to touch with awareness and listen with your hands

* to use different parts of your own body to stimulate the energy lines

* gentle stretches


You can come alone or with your partner, family or friend.


Facilitator Bio : Vandana

Vandana has received her training for Thai Yoga Massage with Krishnatakis in Greece, at the international school, sunshine network“ (

She is practicing and learning since 2014 and continues her studies regularly in Thailand and Europe. As an extension she learned the northern style of Thai massage in Chiang Mai with Jack Lek Chaya and Ayur- Yoga Massage with Dr Urja in India. She has been teaching and giving treatments the world over.

Her further professional background is TriYoga, contemporary dance, Amerta Movement and Body Mind Centering.

Date & Timings : 25th March, 2018 (4 PM – 7 PM)


Contact : Piyush
Phone: +91 9311131096

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