Contact Improv Workshop & Jam

Contact Improvisation (CI) is a partner dance form based on the physical principles of touch, momentum, shared weight, and most quintessentially – following a shared point of contact…

This dance practice explores the skills of falling, rolling, counterbalance, lifting using minimal effort, how to make ourselves light when being lifted, centering and breathing techniques, and responsiveness to our partners and surroundings.

We will begin by awakening our individual bodies through a series of solo exercises aiming to experience ourselves in motion with gravity as our partner—investigating the flow of pathways that open possibilities for further movement.

With the imprint of this warm-up, we will then meet as a group and take our pathways through space with a partner.

By beginning with touch without full weight, we heighten awareness and presences.

Touch becomes our communication into deeply focused listening and responding. Touch becomes our language and fluid movement our interest.

With a special interest in clear touch and flowing pathways throughout the workshop, we will then open into a focused jam.

All levels welcome.


Important Instructions:

* Please wear loose and comfortable clothes

* This is an open program, can be listed in the media

* 3 Student, Artist, Need-Based Scholarships available

* All of our programs are in English

Facilitator: Priyanka Barua

Priyanka Barua is a New Delhi based artist. She juggles between the role of dancer, choreographer, performer, improviser, and teacher.

Her research with contact improvisation began in 2015 as a cultural exchange student of Goa contact festival.

The onset of the journey, awakening deeper in her conscious she identifies herself more as a student of life.

She is trained in Ballet, contemporary and jazz for 5 years. She started teaching CI in 2016.

To enhance her research, she went to Germany to study CI and contemporary arts. Since then her focus is on connecting, creating and sharing art with the national, international artist in India through her platform named as Flow Creative Hub.

In 2018 she associated with Contact Improv India organization.

Date & Time: 13 July 2019 (5:15 PM – 8:00 PM)

Contact: Priyanka

Phone: +91 9654327230



Contact: Punam

Phone: +91 9250361903


Please Call between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM IST

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