Contact Improvisation Dance Retreat

We are very pleased and excited to invite you to join Contact Improvisation Dance Retreat.

Three days of focusing on awakening our awareness through heightening the senses – a unique way to develop the skills of Contact Improvisation and to encourage the qualities of being present. Through yoga, meditation, and Contact Improvisation we will dive into movement as an open-ended exploration of sometimes wild and athletic, sometimes quiet and meditative expression of ourselves.

We will also look at the basic principles of CI such as support, following and leading, use of momentum, sinking and suspension, and exploration of the backspace to feed our curiosity of dancing together.

Apart from the workshops we will have space for self-directed learning, writing, talks & sharings, and having discussions.

Date: 11 – 13 October 2019

Venue: Our retreat will be based in the peaceful gardens of Zorba the Buddha Meditation Center, New Delhi >>

Contribution: Includes all the workshops plus accommodation in a shared dormitory and healthy, vegetarian meals and refreshments (3 meals per day except dinner on the last day).

Full Contribution – 9000 INR

Early Bird (first 6 registrations) – 8000 INR

Supporters – 6000 INR

*In exchange for your skills as a musician, videomaker, social media influencer, digital designer, CI practitioner/promoter we can offer spots at a discounted rate. Write to us to express interest/ask questions. Limited places available!

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Phone – +91 9910722258


CI is a versatile form of movement, now practiced all over the world as an awareness practice, an art and dance form, sometimes a social/recreational activity, and much more. Contact Improvisation is based on the communication between two moving bodies that are in physical contact and their combined relationship to the physical laws that govern their motion—gravity, momentum, inertia.

Contact Improvisation is based on playing and exploring the possibilities of two bodies meeting in the space. It involves a lot of listening and being aware of the body and the surroundings, whilst the improvisational aspect invites the curiosity of going into the unknown territory of every moment.


Guru Suraj (Teacher, organiser)

He started practicing C.I. 10 years ago and hasn’t stopped since. Guru is the founder of the Contact Improv India Organisation, which focuses on spreading Contact Improv around India and making it accessible for everybody. One of the initiatives of ci-india organisation ( ) is the exchange of cultures utilizing contact dance in many possible spaces. Guru graduated from The Government College of Fine Arts in Chennai and then continued to receive a master’s degree in Philosophy of Yoga. Years of study in various somatic and artistic teachings have taught Guru to be open and accepting of many other methodologies in addition to his traditional system of practice

Adrianna Michalska (Teacher, organiser)

Contact Improvisation dancer, vagabond and independent artist with background in somatics, contact improvisation, creative writing, and various improvisation methods studied across the globe. She is interested in embracing artistic practices from different cultures into a creative process, and looking at the trans-disciplinary potential when working with text, image, sound, and movement. With her work she aims to develop a better understanding of an artistic ensamble as interdependent on the exchange of attention, perception, judgement, and decision-making of its members. She is also curious about working with instant composition in performances and pushing the boundaries of spectator-performer relationship through participatory and experiential pieces.

Udit Saini (Organiser)

He is a Gurgaon based entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in building airports, running food cafés and organising music & dance events. An engineer and an MBA by education, Udit is a traveller, percussionist and dancer by passion.

He is a Contact Improvisation practitioner and uses this dance form as a way of expression and self-awareness. Udit has been attending various CI festivals and workshops across the country conducted by national as well as international teachers. He is keen to share the dance form with other people and spread the good vibes.

He is the CEO and Founder of Orange Cubes Private limited which organises Music, Art and Dance events, retreats and festivals across the country.

* This event is organised and managed by MAD (Music Art and Dance by Orange Cube Private Limited)

* To register for the event, visit the below website: