Contemporary Dance Performance: The Mystical Forest

The Mystical Forest”, Sadhya’s new contemporary dance production explores life within the forest.

The production draws from the dance vocabulary of Mayurbhanj Chhau
( a traditional dance form from Orissa) with strong grounded movements & contemporary interpretation.

Varied experiences, activities, emotions, rituals and relationships of the inhabitants find expression in the production.

Its music, choreography, movement, lights & costumes all attempt to bring to the audiences the natural & simple life of its inhabitants….a complete world of its own, which at times is apprehensive of any outside disturbances.

The production without being too outright makes one think……..if only we could let this world ( of the inhabitants of the forest) be as it is….simple, innocent, surviving with their natural habitat…..and let nothing disturb this natural existence.

Choreography: Santosh Nair

Production Executive & Scripting: Nalini Sharma

Music: Upmayu Bhanot

Lights: Gyandev Singh

Costumes: Alpana & Neeraj

This is a free event. Please contribute 200 INR for access into the campus.

You can also reserve your dinner at a subsidized contribution.

This is a private invite; Please do not list in the media.

Artiste Bio:

Sadhya is synonymous with excellence. One of the leading contemporary dance companies of India, it has taken upon itself the task of being a bridge between tradition & modernity.

Working on numerous projects in the field of dance, in & out of the country since its inception, Sadhya’s work culture incorporates a wide range of performances from traditional to contemporary to a special blend of the two-Stage productions, workshops and collaborated projects too are its integral part.
Drawing from the versatile and energetic Mayurbhanj Chhau -a martial art form of Orissa, Sadhya, has created a style of its own.

A platform for the young & upcoming talent, it hopes to nurture the same with a vision that is futuristic.

Date & Time: 18 March (7:00 PM – 7:30 PM)

Contribution: Free Concert

Access Fee: 200 INR

Subsidized Contribution for dinner for this event: 300 INR

Contact:  Utkarsh

Phone: +91 8929290370


Please Call between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM IST

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