Creative Movement Therapy Workshop

Creative Movement Therapy (CMT, also known as Dance Movement Therapy) is an alternative therapy that uses personal body movement.

This discipline uses expressive movement & dance as a vehicle, through which you can engage yourself in the process of personal integration and growth.

CMT is a relationship between motion and emotion; by exploring a more varied vocabulary of movement, you will experience the possibility of becoming more securely balanced yet increasingly spontaneous and adaptable.

In this CMT Workshop rather than teaching dance, therapists first try to assess the individual’s needs and help develop movement patterns, taking off from the physical-emotional-intellectual level of their clients.

Using informal approaches like movement activities and games, facilitator tries to elicit movements that are considered symbolic of the inner voices of individual.

Therapists use both directive and nondirective approaches to help individuals focus on and explore their personal movement vocabulary.

Creative Movement Therapy is a psychotherapeutic framework that works with the mind-body connection to use personal movement language and dance for the health and wellness of an individual’s physical, emotional, cognitive, social and behavioral aspects.

Facilitator’s Bio: Tripura Kashyap

Tripura Kashyap pioneered Creative Movement Therapy in India in 1990.

She studied Dance Therapy at Hancock Center for dance/movement therapy (Wisconsin, USA) and subsequently obtained her MA in Psychology.

She worked intensively for several years using dance therapy with children and adults with therapeutic needs.

She trained in classical dance at Kalakshetra (Chennai) and jazz, ballet, modern dance, choreography and dance theatre in the U.S. Tripura has received fellowships from Ashoka Foundation and Indian Ministry of Culture for her innovative work in dance therapy and contemporary dance.

She authored the book My Body, My Wisdom published by Penguin.

Tripura was also Projects Coordinator for Bhoomika Dance Company (Delhi) and Creative Consultant for the ‘Dance- in-Education’ program at Attakkalari Center (Bangalore).

She conceptualized CMTAI’s movement therapy courses in Delhi and Bangalore is on the teaching faculty of other dance & expressive art therapy courses in Pune and Bangalore.

Important Instructions:

*Wear loose and comfortable clothes

*3 Artist, Student, Need-based scholarship available

*All Sessions are in English

Date: 10th November 2019

Timings: 9:45 AM – 5:00 PM

Lunch: 1:00 PM Onwards

Contact : Sachin
Phone : +91 9953698382
Email :

Please call between 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM IST

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