Creative Art’s Therapies Festival

Do I want to feel more connected be alive, Joyful & peaceful.



Creative Arts Therapies Festival includes workshops on:-


Story-Telling ,


Movement ,

Art Therapy.


Each therapeutic modality will be facilitated by a renowned professional in the field of Creative Arts Therapies.

Facilitators will use art forms and creative processes to optimize physical, mental & emotional well-being.

 Arts Therapies that contributes our healing,  self-expression, emotional health and relationships will be explored.

Key Offerings

Drama Therapy:

Do we just play one role in life? Using role theory, performance and games, participants delve into experiential exploration to the role, the body and mind are playing in our healing.

Storytelling Therapy:

 Storytelling Therapy participants would be working on visualising, drawing and writing on various stories. This workshop is inspired by Dr. Carl Jung’s work and could be used for Healing, Life Coaching , Counselling and Therapy.

Art Therapy:

Art Therapy is a great tool for expressing feelings without words on paper using fine art medium, which connects to our thoughts, emotions & well-being.

Music Therapy:

Music Therapy uses the elements of music to address the various challenges we face in life. It shapes our experiences, processes and expresses ourselves in an effective way connecting to ourselves and the people around us.

Movement Therapy

Movement activities can de-stress us and help us gain a better understanding of our potentials, conflicts and needs. It releases inhibitions and creativity through body movement to address certain issues of our life.

Our Facilitators & Healers

Anupriya M. Banerjee ( Drama Therapist )

Anupriya M. Banerjee-Puthran (M.A. Drama Therapy, New York University)

Founder, Creative Director, Drama Therapist | Doctor Drama Asst. Course Coordinator | Expressive Arts Therapy | St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai

Representing Member | Drama Therapy India | World Alliance of Drama Therapy

Purvaa Sampath ( Music Therapist )

Purvaa Sampath, the founder, and director of Mayahs’ Universe, is a graduate from Berklee College of Music and one of the few CBMT Board-certified music therapists and NMT (Neurologic music therapist) in the country.

With a dual-degree in music therapy and performance, Purvaa has had the opportunity to practice as a student music therapist in some of the top institutions like Perkin’s School for the Blind, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Boston Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts, USA.


In her time with A Place To Be, an award-winning expressive arts therapy organization, she worked with a variety of populations from children and young adults on the Autism spectrum, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, stroke rehabilitation, mental health disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar and schizophrenia to geriatric care for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia and terminally ill clients.

She specialized in working with the mental health population during her time at INOVA’s  behavioral health facility in Virginia, USA.

In Bangalore, India, she works as a music therapist with multiple institutions including Cadabams, a psychiatric hospital and residential facility, FAME India which caters to individuals with neurodevelopmental disorders and other organizations that work with the differently-abled and Nightingale’s Trust for Alzheimer’s and dementia care. .

She also teaches introductory courses on music therapy as part of a PG diploma program in Expressive Arts Therapy at Women’s Christian College in Chennai and St. Xaviers College in Mumbai and presented at CMTAI’s (Creative Movement Therapy Association India) International conference in 2018.

 Purvaa was also recognized for her work in music therapy by the Rotary Downtown chapter’s HR Pratibha Award for Women of Distinctive Vocation, 2019. Her aim is to create a clinical standard for music therapy and provide access to education in order to establish and grow the industry of music therapy in India.

Tripura Kashyap ( Creative Movement Therapist )

 Tripura Kashyap pioneered Creative Movement Therapy in India in 1990. She received fellowships from the Ashoka International Foundation and Indian Ministry of Culture for her innovations in dance therapy and contemporary dance. 

She authored ‘My Body, My Wisdom’ a book on Creative dance therapy and is on the faculty of many courses in Movement Therapy.

She is the co-founder of Creative Movement Therapy Association of India (CMTAI)

Dr Eric Miller ( Story- telling Therapist )

Dr Eric Miller was born and raised in New York City. He was trained there in storytelling by a number of professional storytellers.

He has earned a PhD in Folklore at the University of Pennsylvania, and an MSc in Psychology at the University of Madras. He has settled in Chennai.

Dr Eric has taught courses on Spoken and Written Communication, and Literature (Drama and Short Stories) at six colleges and universities in NYC and Chennai.


He directs the World Storytelling Institute (which he co-founded in 2007 in Chennai), and is the assistant director of the East West Center for Counselling and Training.

Dr Eric is helping to develop, and practices and gives training in, Storytelling

Therapy, which builds upon the work of psychologist Dr Carl Jung.

Dr Eric also provides training regarding storytelling: for Educators; for Business

Trainers and Coaches (relating to Soft Skills, Life Skills, and Communication Skills);

and for Creative Writers. Dr Eric has studied, designed, and co-facilitated

videoconferencing events involving storytelling since the early 1990s (approximately

25 years ago). (Personal website) (World Storytelling Institute website)

Manissha Khanna

An accomplished artist with over 50 art shows and ABT Practitioner, Manissha holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and a PG Diploma in Expressive Arts Therapy from Women’s Christian College and East West Center for Counselling, Chennai; the Basics of Arts Psychotherapy from the LaSalle college of the Arts, Singapore and has certifications in Pranic Healing.

Manissha has designed and conducted workshops for several NGOs and corporate firms: Aga Khan Foundation- in collaboration with Akshay-Pratishthan and Muskaan-Delhi, Udaan-Gurgaon; Amplus Solar and SD2Square Labs-Gurgaon,CMS Info Systems-Delhi; Delhi University; Uma Sanjeevani Hospital-Gurgaon; Muhammadiyah Welfare Home (Singapore).

The logo for EATAI (Expressive Arts Therapy Association of India) is designed by her. Manissha enjoys spreading happiness with her studio, ‘Divine Energies’-a platform for Healing and Arts’.



Dates: 30th September – 04th October 2020
Days: Wednesday – Sunday



The Festival fee is 4999/-

2999/- for first 10 participants.


* All of our programs are in English.

* Online Zoom Workshop



Contact : Nirav +91 8929510219


Contact: Shirish +91 7838472611


* E-Certificate of participation will be provided to those people who will participate in all workshops.

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