Deva Healing – Experience the Cosmic Touch Plus Energy Matrix Astrology (Individual Sessions)

Experience the power of magical healing touch, which can even resolve even the most painful emotional catastrophes including those of relationship trauma, sexual abuse, abandonment, extreme stress in such a way that leads to the emergence of whole new set of possibilities in life.

This will be coupled with Energy Matrix Astrology (EMA) which is a unique and transcendental method of Astrology that takes you beyond the framework of Traditional Vedic Astrology as well the Zodiac sign based Western Astrology.

It brings in new tools for Prediction & Analysis that bring more precision & freshness in the astrology readings.

EMA helps to unravel the ‘Blueprint of your Soul’, the divine plan carved out especially for you by the Cosmos.

It discovers the seed that you have brought in with you and helps you align your individual goals with the longing of the Cosmos for you.

This is the path of least resistance in your life.

Once you are aware about these deepest secrets about you through EMA, you are least likely to wander and waste your time elsewhere as you would now be aware about what is the most apt plan of action for you.

Facilitator’s Bio: Quanto Shivo

Quanto Shivo is the inventor of Energy Matrix Astrology, a unique tool to discover our highest potential.

Quanto Shivo is the inventor of Quantology, an evolved mystic and a creation coach.

He was lovingly nick named as “Quanto” after he declared the quantum science as the future religion for humanity.

He has invented many psychic tools including invocation of gods, process of synthesis, identity dissolution, energy transformation and soul identity revelation process.

He also applies these tools to guide entrepreneurs, leaders and creators to become magnets so that success is attracted as opposed to them chasing success.

Date & Time: 12 Feb – 10 Mar 2019 (10:00 AM – 5:00 PM)

This session will be conducted in English.

Contact: Leela

Phone: +91 9654324972


Please Call between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM IST

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