Dance Yoga Movement Expression

This DYME event combines different expressive modalities that work at all five levels of existence, from gross physical (Annamayakosha) to bliss body (Anandmayakosha). In an interwoven format, the journey takes on the exploration of the five elements- Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Space. The manifestations and implications of each of the elements are experienced through celebration (Dance), stability and stillness (Yogasanas), exploration (Movement) and creative release (Expression). This, in turn, aids mental, physical and emotional catharsis… leaving space for spiritual growth and nourishment.

468576_10150761988418016_1795165421_oMehak is the founder of D.Y.M.E. – Dance Yoga Movement Expression, an embodiment of her multidisciplinary pursuits. She is a natural dancer trained in western and Indian classical forms for over two decades. Mehak is a yoga practitioner and teacher, psychologist with specialization in expressive arts therapy, hypnotherapist and a passionate world traveler. Her approach exudes grounding that comes from being connected with the roots, and also leaves enough space for self-expression and improvisation. A seeker at heart, Mehak is in the midst of a poetic evolution amalgamating eastern and western perspectives, augmenting her diversity as an artiste and a healer.

Date & Timing : 18th Feb, 2017 (6.00 PM – 8.30 PM)


Contact : Ritu
Phone : +91 9250361909
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