Elemental Yoga

This workshop would explore the 7 primal movements which are the foundation/pillars for a balanced yogasana practice for all modern-day yoga practitioners from any discipline.

We would be breaking down and understanding various techniques for creating length, strength and stability in our spine & learning for creating length, strength and stability in our spine.

We will also learn to initiate active movements through the core to create an energetic practice instead of an exhausting one.

Breathing being the center point of this workshop we would understand the physiological, neurological, cardiovascular, emotional aspects of breathing.

Various pranayama techniques from hatha yoga would be introduced along with practices from Tibetan yogis.


  • Learning movement basics which can be applied to daily activities
  • Core compression and joint extension to achieve apt muscular synergy
  • Learn safe body application which can be used in all movement patterns
  • Beneficial in Back pain, Neck pain and knee discomfort caused by faulty movement patterns

Facilitator’s Bio: Vaibhav ‘Veer’ Rana & Priyanka

Vaibav ‘Veer’ Rana

Veer is a human physiology expert who spent the better part of his career teaching aviation physiology and training rescue drivers.

He was drawn towards yoga from an early age. He has a 200Hr training in Vinyasa-Krama with Miss Dominique Renucci, 300Hr training in Yoga Therapy-Panchkoshafrom Association of Yoga & Meditation, Rishikesh, and a 100Hr Advanced-training in Vinyasa-Krama Sri Ramaswami Srivastava behind him.

He has been visiting faculty at various yoga schools. His understanding of movement application and the human body makes him an ace instructor.


Priyanka started her journey as ‘Yoga Acharya’ of traditional Hatha Yoga, from Sivananda Yoga tradition.

Before long, her search for an effective mind-body integrating practice led her to the Vinyasa method leading her to her teacher Dominique Renucci. She hasn’t looked back ever since.

She has assisted and taught several Teacher’s training in Madurai, Kerela and Uttarkashi and is currently studying Scriptures and Philosophy under her guru of Advaita Vedanta lineage.

She is passionate about chanting and mantras, using them for deep mental and spiritual healing.

Date and Time: 16th September 2018 (10:15 AM – 1:00 PM)

3 – Student/Artist/Need-based scholarships are available.

Contact: Sauvik
Phone: +91 9717469268
Email: celebrate@zorbathebuddha.org


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