Emotional Awareness = Freedom + Love

The fear of not being good enough and feeling unworthy is most common. It makes us pretend and behave like “someone else” and limits our growth as an individual.

Since we are babies we are told how we should be, how we should behave, how we should feel.

When we get compared, we begin to believe that we are not good enough.

We think: “If others see me as who I really am, they will not like me, they will not want to be with me, they will not love me.”

We start following others in hope to be liked and accepted trying to hide who we really are.

This results in disconnection from our true self leading to frustration and unhappiness.

When we stop rejecting our true self and accepting as we are, we feel empowered and loved.

Our experience of the entire world shifts from that moment.


A 2 day workshop to help you learn how to manage insecurities, fears and emotional wounds in a healthy way and:

  • Understand how this fundamental fear of not being good enough works.
  • Explore the wound of shame and unworthiness.
  • Exercises to experience authentic intimacy with self.

This workshop is inspired by osho co-dependency, emotional awareness, Osho primal & inner child work.

Bruno is a renowned teacher who has been facilitating workshops for 20+ years in several countries.


A few more benefits that this workshop could offer:

  • Learn how to manage the underlying fear of not being good enough in a nourishing way.
  • Begin to take steps towards building an intimate relationship with self.


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Facilitator’s Bio: Bruno

Bruno practised and taught meditation for 2 years at the Wat Ram Poeng Meditation Center in Thailand. He lived for 7 years at the Osho International Meditation Center in Puna, India learning ways to translate the benefits of meditation into day-to-day life.

He studied and deepened his practice through courses and training on active meditations, emotional awareness, co-dependency, relationships and intimacy, Eriksonian hypnosis, Tantra and meditation. Specifically on emotional awareness and co-dependency he has attended training by his friend and master Ketan Raventos.

Bruno has been facilitating courses and trainings on self-discovery, meditation, emotional awareness, relationships and intimacy, and Tantra for more than 20 years in several countries in Asia and Europe.

Bruno is currently offering workshops and training on emotional awareness, relationships and intimacy, Tantra and meditation in various countries of the world, and online.

* All of our programs are in English.

* Online Zoom Workshop


Date: 4th – 5th November, 2020

Timings: 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Standard Contribution: 3000 INR

Discounted Contribution: 1999 INR (For the first 5 participants Only)


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