Breathing is a powerful tool to open and explore your energy. Relaxing helps release  repressed emotions and body tensions allowing the body to integrate unresolved issues.

Often our access to breathing deeply and fully and with all the  body is cut off. We have learnt to breathe shallowly and to the same extent minimized our feelings.

But the capacity to feel is a birthright! In this workshop we will learn to access a full range of our emotions from joy to sadness to anger to love to bliss with the help of various breathing techniques.

We will befriend the full range of our breathing again and through it claim back our capacity to feel the fullness of our lives!

Ma Nidhi embarked on her spiritual journey as a scholar. She holds a Ph.D. degree from Delhi University in Osho’s vision of Education for new man. Soon she realized that what Osho expounded cannot be restricted to a thesis. She became a sanyasin and totally surrendered to experiencing every aspect of Osho phenomenon until it started flowing through her. She has conducted numerous seminars and conferences on Osho’s vision. She facilitates many workshops in line with his vision.


Date & Timing : 18th Dec, 2016 (9.30 AM – 6.00 PM)


Contact : Uday
Phone: +91 9958067997

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