An Evening of Kathak and Baul Singers

Kathak, the temple and court dance of North India, is highly eccentric and dynamic. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘katha’ which means story, kathak means ‘he who tells the story.’

This dance form carries the unique quality of subtlety, grace and poise that nothing else can touch.

This evening lets be mesmerized by this dance form will take us on a journey of storytelling through classical movement.

We will explore and enjoy the various dimensions of Kathak – its movements, its rhythms, its poetry – that will take you on a beautiful journey within.

This will be followed by soul-stirring music from Baul musicians from Bangladesh.

“Baul” in Bengali means “mad” or “possessed”, and their music is a celebration of ‘holy madness,’ and rejection of traditional norms, that transforms the mood of the entire gathering into one of merriment.

Artist : Deepak Aurora

Deepak Aurora a fine and sparkling kathak dancer, having an innovative style of presentation, combining music and grandeur.

He has opened his own Academy “Gurukul Performing Arts” Music and Dance Academy, Headed by ‘Guru Kundanlal Gangani’ to impart the basic techniques & delicacies of Kathak to the lovers & aspirants of this art.

Graceful twirls, breath taking footwork, tantalizing expressions are the hallmark of Kathak exponent Deepak Aurora. A vivacious stage presence, excellent command over rhythm & felicity of expressions, best describe him.

About the Baul Musicians and Singers

The people performing belong to spiritual community and they are devoted to Lalon Shah. They preach the ideology of the great saint Lalon Shah and earn their livelihood by begging (Madhukori) in village areas.

Their ultimate aim is to preach the ideology of Lalon Shah in various parts of World for betterment of human life. The instruments which they are going to use for performing the programme are all old instruments and antique.

Date & Timings: 16th September 2018 ( 7:45 pm to 11:00 pm)

Contact: Soumya
Phone: +91 9311131096

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