Explore Painting in the Midst of Nature 

This painting workshop aims primarily at exploring one’s imagination through spontaneous image sharing and learning different painting techniques.

We will learn to recognize various possibilities of images and also develop our vision as an artist.

Various elements of art and their importance will be explained by the artist who can be kept in mind before commencing.

He will help us understand how to use oil pastels and acrylic paint properly and also helps us with any technical or skill-related issues we may have.

We will have papers, oil pastels and acrylic paint to work with.

Some key takeaways are:

  • There will be three different kinds of art practices which will be a lot of fun to engage in.
  • We will carry back an interesting experience of art making in collaboration, where we will learn to recognize possibilities of image making and spontaneity as well.
  • Working in a group dynamic will inspire and make us learn a great deal from each other.

There’s also an opportunity for us to enroll in Basists’s regular painting classes at Zorba the Buddha!

Facilitator’s Bio: Basist Kumar

Basist is a contemporary artist based in New Delhi. He has studied in India’s foremost universities, completing his Bachelors in Fine Arts from Delhi College of Art and Masters from Shanti Niketan, West Bengal.

Basist has completed a Senior Scholar Program in China giving him a major exposure to Chinese contemporary art practice.

Sublimity is an integral characteristic of his work where it allows the viewer to discover their own imaginative spaces.

He likes to create a sense of timelessness, which exudes a pictorial mystery carrying undercurrents of philosophical subject matters.

Basist’s spiritual inclination offers a different plane of reality, which is cherished and portrayed through the mystical atmosphere in his creations.

Date & Time: 14 Oct 2018 (9:45 AM – 1:30 PM)

3  Student/Artist/Need-based Partial scholarships are available.

Contact: Sauvik
Phone: +91 9717469268
Email: celebrate@zorbathebuddha.org


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