Zorba Healing Festival

This festival will bring together various forms of Healing Arts from all over the world.

There will be elements of : Yoga, Meditation, Reiki , Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Shamanism, tantra , Nutrition, Massage Therapy, Sound Healing, Music, Couples work and Family constellation.

We treat the individual as a whole, interconnected to the Universe.

How can we enhance our body, mind and soul to be open to the full capacity of Prana? – To live in ease, joy and to our fullest potential ? How can we approach various therapeutic conditions for prevention of ailments? And how should we deal with them when they reach us?

This festival is for everyone interested in traditional & alternative Healing modalities. There will be experiential workshops & opportunity for personal sessions with healers and therapists.

We will create room for our inner healer to explore, play and grow through dance, music and creative expression.

Margot Anand

Margot Anand, the world’s leading authority on Tantra, is an internationally acclaimed author, public speaker, teacher and seminar leader. Her best-selling books—The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, The Art of Sexual Magic, The Art of Everyday Ecstasy, Sexual Ecstasy: The Art of Orgasm and The Sexual Ecstasy Workbook—have sold more than a million copies worldwide. Her teaching style is a rare synthesis of French erotic humor, American pragmatism, and Indian mysticism. She is particularly appreciated for her ability to bring healing, lightness, fun, and passion to the workshop atmosphere.

Her educational documentary, Margot Anand’s Secret Keys to the Ultimate Love Life, is an in-depth course in her renowned methods (offered on three DVDs) and delivers a Tantra refresher and some fun, novel twists to those familiar with her classic and timeless techniques. Her latest teachings are designed to inspire a whole new generation of lovers.

Margot Anand’s ability to bring the teachings of Tantra beyond the bedroom and into everyday life is her signature. She is also pioneering a new method, “Yoga of Living,” in which she coaches people in designing ecstatic lifestyles. In addition, she has a new book (soon to be published) called Love, Sex and Awakening: Finding God in Bed, which will enlighten her audience with twelve life adventures that were her initiations into the connection between sexuality and spirituality.

Ashwin Bharti

Ashwin Bharti became a disciple of Osho in 1977 and is an ambassador of Osho’s vision. From being a successful businessman, he became a philanthropist and started helping himself & others in their spiritual journey. Being a channel for Osho’s energy, Ashwin created Zorba the Buddha, one of the world’s largest open faith spiritual centre and cultural hub. Over the years, he has received transmissions from various masters in Sufism, Tantra, Zen, Shamanism, Pulsing, Osho therapies & meditations, bodywork, biodanza, contact improvisation, art and music. Today, Ashwin continues to live his vision of bringing people to meditation as well as celebration, and has been facilitating Osho meditations for more than a decade.

Aamir Jaan

He has benn classically trained in the Spiritual Art of Kundalini Yoga under the close observations of a host of world renowned and internationally revered Guru mentors for 10 years & almost two decades on from being a novice student. Amir is now a Senior Mentor to hundreds of students himself, having worked for many many years with members of the general public, charities that support people in recovery, young offenders & those with very particular special needs.

He has a gift for neutralizing the atmosphere of both the outer world and inner sea scapes of attendees by sharing open heartedly his own ever deepening experiential knowledge of Yogic science combined with the presence and confidence of knowing, qualities that can only be purchased with the currencies of time, dedicated daily practice and patience.

Even with a busy teaching schedule Amir remains an integral part of the Kundalini fraternity in London across the United Kingdom & Europe. Working closely with his mentors and students to extend the reach and scope of this technology or technical knowledge into innumerable settings where the appliance of this life enhancing science can serve and strengthen, heal and repair, bring new hope and insight to all those who find and diligently practise this medicine for the twenty first century.

Amir’s specialist knowledge and extensive experience in the field of Humanology make him a powerful instrument to assist those with a desire or need to approach character and health reformation, in an Organic, Safe & Self Healing Way.


Mahima carries an essence of the eartly deep feminine and the high masculine light energies. Weaving sacred sounds of her enchanting voice with Shaman Drums, Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls Mahima shares the anciant knowledge of the power of sound that she carries with deep reverence. She loves holding space in her intuitive surrendered leadership – guiding with her pureness – weaving depth and lightheartedness in the presence of unconditional love.

 She has been traveling around sharing her circles and music for more than 16 years in Sweden and around the world. Bringing Earth and Heaven together into Unity in the Heart – to ignite the Star of David within ourselves is her sharing mainly about now – and Sound is her Medicine.


At the festival, following her latest excitement, Mia will be sharing her latest findings, in transformational Soul Dance practices embodying the yoga of intuition, exploring the soul, alignment and the emotional guidance system for unlocking our fullest potential, happiness, meaning, true callings, and excitement about being in their life.

A guide of conscious ascension and conscious embodiment, Mia has devotedly explored embodied awakening practices since being a young adult. She is the founder of Stockholm Prana Flow Yoga, of SoulDance, and of Soul Coaching. She is also the co-founder of Move Your Colors (a dance/art/pause playshop). With human roots in Sweden, Mia coaches, teaches, co-creates, explores and initiates new unfoldments all over the galaxy.

In the earliest 90’s, Mia was a close student of Sri Poonja, aka Papaji, and ever since has studied intimately the origins and manifestations of Consciousness. Embodiment, meditation, and art always her vehicles of discovering and teaching.

She is a certified teacher of Shiva Rea’s Prana Vinyasa Yoga, certified in Somatic Pilates, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Hawaiian Healing Massage, Reiki, Zen Coaching, the Bengston Technique, and has studied hundreds of hours of Soul Motion with Vinn Arjuna Martí and other senior dance art teachers around the world.

Mario Cosmico

Mario has his bodywork therapy foundation from the best global masters and has been sharing his healing gift all over the world for the past 12 years. His passion to travel and unmatchable energy has brought transforming exceptional results of long-term effect to the patients in more than 35 countries. Having discovered this treatment due to his own personal injury, he has soon embraced it as his calling and dedicated his life to master his unique technique with solid experience and now continues to spread his work globally.

His treatment style is life changing deep-tissue bodywork, full of energy and dedication to each patient’s physical and emotional history and deep respect for the individual body’s healing abilities. He is globally recognized as one of Top Healers having his unique customized method that he developed with the experience of combining The 5 Elements of Life activation within a human system and Body Awakening Energy techniques – this unique modality normalizes the internal energy flow, releases deep emotional blocks, increases the capacity of prana (life force energy in the human body) by intense breathing throughout the session, relieves any kind of physical muscular tension or joints pain, activates the work of all the chakras and awakens the vitality of the Life Force energy across the spinal cord. This kind of healing allows the patient to feel stronger inner confidence, self love and attributes to healthy longevity of the body’s natural system.

Tantra world and special retreats feature Mario Cosmico with his Cosmic Healing therapy, which is a profound and unique healing modality that allows every woman to release deepest blockages that are stuck in her body which induces sexual energy awakening for the body along with accessing the power of feminine energy source flow. These sessions help women to come back into their body experience by shifting the uncomfortable traumatic emotions of anger, shame, guilt towards fully being able to receive feelings of self love, connection and security.

More about Mario Cosmico and his Healing Waves: http://globalhealingwaves.com/about.html

More about Mario Cosmico’s signature 5 Elements Therapy: http://globalhealingwaves.com/therapy/the-5-elements-therapy.html


Bhakti has been trained as a leader of social meditations from the Osho Humaniversity in Netherlands. She has been a meditation leader and yoga instructor with Zorba the Buddha for almost 2 years. Bhakti is a certified clinical hypnotherapist since 1997; she has received yoga initiation and training from renowned institutions like Bihar School of Yoga, Sivananda Yoga Center and Kaivalyadham. As a life coach she has been instrumental in supporting and guiding people in their journey towards self-discovery.




Antar Rasal

Antar RasalRasal left home at the age of 16, experimented with alternative lifestyles, and soon after began exploring life & the world by travelling. He discovered the Indian mystic Osho in a ‘divine’ interaction in 1978/79 and soon after moved to the OSHO commune in Pune where he immersed himself deeply in various meditation techniques and de-conditioning therapy groups.

He is trained in Rebalancing, Primal Therapy, ‘Zen’ in the art of therapy, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Core Integration, and the Osho Diamond Breath’ therapy training. He is also an experienced, bodywork therapist/trainer.

He considers the body to be a microcosmos in itself, and works with its natural capacities to balance and heal itself are beyond comprehension.

He will be offering Bio Dynamic massage & rebalancing therapies. Bio Dynamic massage bodywork is a therapeutic and meditative way of deep touch consisting of gentle, precise massage strokes combined with deep tissue strokes (structural integration techniques), joint-release techniques, and assisted yoga stretches. It provides an in-depth experience and balances body, soul, and psyche using a broad number of bodywork techniques to increase body awareness and release the myofascial layers from holding patterns and energy blocks.

Rasal considers himself gifted and fortunate to be able to support and assist people in their life journey towards optimal health, the awakening of love & consciousness, and perhaps finally towards enlightenment and ultimate freedom.


IMG_9239Maitri is a certified Osho Neo Reiki practitioner. This form of Reiki was declared as Osho NeoReiki by Osho himself in 1989. Having studied under Ma Himani (Usui-Hiyashi- Takata Leniage), she has been unraveling and learning through various spiritual modalities like Tantra, Tibetan Pulsing, Tao, Shamanism together with Osho meditations and therapies. She is expanding her repertoire to include Metaphysical Energy Work as well. She started her spiritual journey at Zorba the Buddha, at the Osho International Festival in 2015. Since then, she has been an integral part of the Zorba community, facilitating various Osho Daily Active Meditations.

Date & Timing : 1st – 6th Dec, 2017


Contact : Shia
Phone : +91 9717469268
Email : celebrate@zorbathebuddha.org



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