Quantology is a unique practice, designed to empower us in the current chaotic times. The basic insight of Quantology is, that every problem in this world, be it personal or social, emanates from one basic source and that is fragmentation.


Quantology provides the way to resolve every conflict we face in life like relationships, stress, money, career, health, debts, and enmity. It works on developing your psychic and intuitive potential, which is crucial to survive and flourish in the current era of massive changes.


Synthesis is the basic technique employed in Quantology—beyond meditation, devotion, mantra chanting, kriya, visualization, hypnosis, and other practices. It integrates the inner and outer world. It shows you the path to succeed in the outer world as well as grounds you into deep inner bliss. It unravels the fundamentals of creation in the psychic world, which can then manifest in the outer world as material success.


Hence synthesis on one hand takes you into the space of deep relaxation and inner bliss one attains in meditation and samadhi, one other hand it provides you mastery over psychic creations, which manifest as success. Quantology exhorts that chasing success is highly injurious to mind, body and soul, and one should rather develop the magnetic qualities, which can attract success effortlessly.

shivoQuanto Shivo is the inventor of Quantology, an evolved mystic and a creation coach. He was lovingly nick named as “Quanto” after he declared the quantum science as the future religion for humanity. He has invented many psychic tools including invocation of gods, process of synthesis, identity dissolution, energy transformation and soul identity revelation process. He is also the inventor of Energy Matrix Astrology, a unique tool to discover our highest potential. He also applies these tools to guide entrepreneurs, leaders and creators to become magnets so that success is attracted as opposed to them chasing success.

Date & Timing : 18th Jan, 2017 (5.30 PM – 7.30 PM)


Contact : Bobby
Phone : +91 9654324972
Email : evolve@zorbathebuddha.org


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