Full Moon White Robe- Law of Magic on Full Moon

On a full moon night, waves become very tidal – as if the ocean is joyously communicating with the moon. Water makes for seventy percent of our bodies, so something in us also begins to feel a subtle vibration. The magic of the full moon influences us on physical, emotional, and psychological level. Many people have attained enlightenment on the full moon night. This is an excellent time for meditation, and we’ll be experimenting with the ‘Law of Magic’ during the celebration.

Osho, the modern day Buddha, has extensively talked about the Law of Magic. You produce the effect and the cause follows. Science says, if the cause is there, the effect follows. The Law of Magic says the opposite is also true, ‘you live the effect, and the cause follows.’ Imagine something you want. Next, imagine if you had this thing, what would your inner state be? Perhaps, you would be in a state of joy, or peace, or overflowing creativity. So be joyful and you will manifest your desire.

You will be surprised to discover how causes come running after you! The cause is beyond us. The effect is within us. Just be happy, and the beloved will appear!

Please wear white clothing for this celebration.

Facilitator Bio : Prem Bhakti

A certified clinical hypnotist, began her journey into body-mind healing in 1997. She has learnt from various gurus and institutions to understand how and what Yoga brings out in different people. She started her journey over fifteen years ago, learning from Swami Vidyanand, trained from the Bihar School of Yoga, whose approach towards Yoga was spiritual in nature. She then went on to learn from and practise in Sivananda Yoga Centre and Kaivalyadham, where they had a more scientific/research-based approach. Today, she combines both approaches beautifully. She has been giving private and group sessions in Delhi for over eight years now.

Prem Bhakti is a Facilitator at Zorba the Buddha. She is a certified Trainer from Osho Humaniversity and learnt 6 different Meditations from there which are






Shake your Pain Away.


Date & Timings : 31st Mar, 2018 (5:30 PM – 7:45 PM)


Contact : Shozo
Phone : +91 9654322882
Email : explore@zorbathebuddha.org

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