Full Moon Alchemy – Vibrational Healing on Buddha Purnima

This night of full moon is very auspicious to us as Buddha was born, became enlightened and left his body on this day.

The full moon’s alchemical energy can be harnessed by bringing our intentions forward, by releasing, purging and letting go of what no longer serves us in this beautiful landscape of Buddhafield.

This evening we will use ancient Tibetan Vibrational Healing Technique. Through humming and hand movements conflicting parts of you starts falling in tune, and you bring harmony to your whole being. Then, with body and mind totally together, you ‘slip out of the whole’ and become a witness to both. This watching from the outside is what brings peace, silence and bliss.

The live flute and percussion will illuminate the moon within and seduce us to soft movements of Latihan.

Feeling more relaxed; alive and connected we will culminate the evening by offering our gratitude to the moon.

*We will provide a special white robe for the evening.

Facilitator Bio : Ashwin Bharti

Ashwin Bharti became a disciple of Osho in 1977 and is an ambassador of Osho’s vision. From being a successful businessman, he became a philanthropist and started helping himself & others in their spiritual journey. Being a channel for Osho’s energy, Ashwin created Zorba the Buddha, one of the world’s largest open faith spiritual centre and cultural hub. Over the years, he has received transmissions from various masters in Sufism, Tantra, Zen, Shamanism, Pulsing, Osho therapies & meditations, bodywork, biodanza, contact improvisation, art and music. Today, Ashwin continues to live his vision of bringing people to meditation as well as celebration, and has been facilitating Osho meditations for more than a decade.

Date & Timings : 30th April, 2018 (5:45 PM – 8:30 PM)


Contact : Vimal
Phone : +91 9250361903  
Email : happiness@zorbathebuddha.org

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