Healing: Prayers, Songs, Dance

This is a ceremony where we take time to forget about ourselves and focus on the collective consciousness, the healing of the earth, the climate change, the suffering of humanity, animals, plants and our ecosystem!

We will perform collective healing, a prayer, a dance and a song to raise the collective consciousness.

The method we will learn is very simple and intuitive and can be used to clean the energy in our homes, energize the food, work with heavy memories to transform them and bring joy in our lives and others around us!


* 3 Student, Artist, Need-Based Scholarships available.

* This is an open program, can be listed in the media.

* All of our programs are in English.


Facilitator’s Bio: Vishesh Kalimero

Vishesh Kalimero is a musician and sound healer who has been travelling around the globe for more than 5 years, learning and sharing with people from various cultures and traditions.

He spent 8 months in Guatemala in 2014 and 2015 where he was introduced to the magic of Cacao.

His music also has a deep shamanic influence, which he incorporates seamlessly in a cacao ceremony to create a sublime experience.

Important Instructions:

  • Please wear loose and comfortable clothes.

Date and Time: 15 June (5:45 PM – 8:00 PM)

Contact:  Sonali

Phone: +91 8929290370

Email: joy@zorbathebuddha.org

Please Call between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM IST

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