Healing Emotions through your Voice

Our voice holds great potential in bringing deep healing to our body , mind, emotions and a connection to spirit

Do you find it difficult to speak your truth when you are emotional?

Do you yell, scream and use cuss words when angry and then regret it later?

Do you feel numbness, anxiety or a feeling of panic often?

Do you feel very emotional and end up crying from time to time?

Do you feel you need a deeper connect to spirit?


*During this workshop you will*

  1. Release emotional blocks by learning many different ways to express your somatic pain voice to support healing of painful emotions, negative thought patterns by working with your Body using voice therapy exercises.
  2. Learn powerful tools using your voice to deepen the relationship with yourself. The regular practice of which alleviates stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system
  3. Connect to the Divine Spirit or source by using your voice to sing and open up channels of your own creativity to express the Divine through you.

Also included:

Voice Meditation and lots of sharing and tea and warm water breaks

Remember that your Voice signature is unique and is a tool to heal and enhance your life.

Facilitator’s Bio: Dr Evelet Sequeira 

Evelet is a sound and voice therapist, Internationally Certified Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader and Life coach and self-mastery facilitator, Tedx speaker, mother, entrepreneur, author, expressive arts therapist. 

She is an MD in preventive and social medicine and had a successful work career as health and nutrition specialist with UNICEF India.

Evelet is a certified Tibetan sound bowl practitioner level III, teacher of the Sacred Feminine and a womb healer, expressive arts therapist, magnified healing practitioner.

She conducts workshops using fun tools of expressive art therapy, dance movement, sound and voice therapy.

Evelet is a Womb Keeper and has a Sacred lotus womb academy, with a vision to help each individual live consciously from a space of love, good health and wisdom.

Date : 8th August 2020

Time : 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Contribution : 777/-

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