Hug – I open my heart to receive

A fun-filled beautiful safe space will be created to explore what does an embrace mean and how can it make someone comfortable with this warmth.

hug – i open my heart to receive

hug – i bow down to surrender

hug – i close my eyes and the ‘i’ disappears

hug – a simple hug will connect me to my heart

hug – a simple hug will wrap me in l0ve

During this hugging journey we will explore and experience how to receive and give a hug, h0w to ask for a hug, how to make a hug authentic and meaningful. it’s n0t just the physical togetherness but connecting y0urself emotionally with an0ther being. How to be present when we are hugging. if someone feels uncomforable with a hug how to express that feeling and accept everyone around from a space of non-judgement and love.

Methods used: Creative movement (body’s natural movement), psychodrama and humour.


Facilitator  : Fakeera Baanwra

Fakeera (Manju), founder of ‘BE’, is a Certified Movement Therapist and Psychologist. Major part of her work revolves around gaps in sexuality, gender, intimacy, authenticity, judgements and conditioning we grow up with. She is one of the founding members of the Creative Movement Therapy Association of India. Currently training in psychodrama, breath and voice work, she offers individual, group and couples’ sessions and has facilitated workshops across India, Egypt and South East Asia. Fakeera has been facilitating workshops in various international festivals in and around India.

Date & Timings : 25th November, 2017 (10:45 AM – 2:00 PM)


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