Intuitive Drawing by Mark Warner – Art of Seeing

In this workshop, we will understand how everyone can draw beautifully. We will also learn how to draw intuitively, combining the brain’s memory with our imaginations. This workshop will be focused on disregarding preconceived notions of what the drawn object should look like, and on individually “seeing” the object.

This workshop will help you in:

  • Drawing objects to sceneries to perspectives All the participants will be guided at every step of the way with specific instructions.
  • Explore a fun way to draw in a space that is filled with lush green landscapes, flowing water bodies and exotic vegetation. The sessions are held in a relaxed atmosphere and the emphasis is on removing the stress.

Mark Warner is a practicing architect and artist who has been teaching art, drawing and visualizing for over 25 years. You can learn drawing with pencils, softer charcoal or pastels – very expressive media. Mark had conducted these workshops for over ten years. An architect and a teacher of architecture and graphics for the last twenty-seven years, Mark has a vast experience of teaching at several reputed architecture and design institutions. The ‘Art of Seeing’ program evolved out of researching the techniques of teaching drawing and visualization. From his early years, Mark has been attracted to art and has been a keen student of fine craftsmanship. He has also done illustrations professionally. Mark takes great joy in teaching and deeply respects the individuality of each learner with the firm belief that everyone is an artist at heart.

Date & Time: 8th July 2018 (9.15 AM – 1.00 PM)

3 – Student/Artist/Need-based scholarships are available.

Contact: Kanika
Phone : +91 9311902245

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