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Kalari Body Massage

The Kalarippayattu legacy has got a unique way of harmonizing the humors in the living body by applying various therapeutic massaging techniques. The modalities are used for maintaining good health, strengthening the body environment, for rejuvenation, and the therapies are used for treating various afflictions of musculoskeletal and neurological origins.

Kerala’s traditional Kalarippayattu practitioners are also highly skilled in this therapy form. As a practicing physician, the kalarippayattu masters follows the fundamental principles of Ayurveda, when delivering the therapies. The therapeutics are collectively known as Kalari Chikitsa. The therapeutic application includes various means for positive health giving therapy, corrective Musculo-skeletal applications, Treatments for specific injuries or pathological conditions including bruises, joint dislocations, bone fractures, emaciation of muscles and limbs and post-operative orthopedic rehabilitation.

Kalari massage is a full body massage done by foot and the person who has come to have the massage would be given a loincloth (a longoti) and will be oiled from head to toe with special medicinal oil and the massage will go on for almost an hour.

Kalari massage blends the body, mind and spirit. Kalari masters take special care of the nerves and muscles as they have a good idea about its working. Massaging synchronizes the entire biological system of the body. It enhances the circulation of the body fluids and activates the lymphatic system of the body and helps to purify the body. Kalari massage strengthens the body by relaxing and opening up energy pathways. The unique range of movements using the feet clears blocks in the energy pathways and rejuvenates and synchronizes the body.

Facilitator : Lakshaman Gurukkal (Ramesan M)


Founder/Director of Kalarigram, Auroville

Director of Hindustan Kalari Sangham, Calicut. born into a traditional Kalari family, he has treated many VIP’s to his credit, like PM Narendra Modi, Central Minister Arjun Singh and his family, to name a few.

Kalaripayattu is one of the most ancient martial arts and the deep knowledge of nerve points and muscles and Ayurveda that the masters have, help them in the practice of Kalari massage, full body massage done by foot and Ayurvedic hand massage.

Date & Timings : 4th & 5th Nov, 2017 (10:00 AM – 6:00 PM)


Contact : Kopal
Phone : +91 9250361909
Email : vibes@zorbathebuddha.org


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