In this 3hr intensive workshop, we will learn the basics of leading a sound healing session and preparing space, for individuals as well as a group.

Vishesh will begin the workshop by using some traditional and contemporary exercises/techniques of sound healing on our own self.

Gradually we will progress and learn how to be a channel for others.

Most importantly, we will understand how important it is to access our intuition for such work.

Sound healing helps in building concentration, connecting to our subconscious and unleashing our creativity.

Doing it regularly can cure most chronic pains, anxiety, depression and energetic blocks

We will be using our voice, Tibetan bowls, drums, rattles or flutes and energy work. So please feel free to bring any instrument which resonates you that you feel has the capacity to heal.

Facilitator Bio: Vishesh Kalimero

Vishesh Kalimero is a musician and sound healer who has been travelling around the globe for the last 7 years in India, Nepal, Middle East, Europe and Latin America sharing healing sounds. He plays the long Turkish bowed lute, Yayli tambur, Persian setar, the oldest Indian string instrument, Rudra Veena, the Afghani Rabab and does throat singing of different styles.


Date and Time: 29th July 2018 (4:45 PM – 8:00 PM)

3 – Student/Artist/Need-based scholarships are available.

Contact: Punam
Phone : +91 9250361903
Email: happiness@zorbathebuddha.org



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