Liberated Woman

Is it difficult for you to express your sensuality?

Do you feel burdened by the conditioning of the society?

Do you feel a lack of creativity and vitality?


Why This Workshop??

The primal force of the body is discarded by most women.

They get trapped in the conditioning of the society, self-created misconceptions, past-life belief patterns and all these impact their primal energy.

This energy gets trapped in their body and psyche resulting in issues with the physical body and mental health.


At the Physical layer: Women prematurely start discarding their feminine organs through the procedure of Uterus removal, Ovary removal, premature menopause, unbearable pain during Irregular menstrual cycle, Cramps, Infertility, etc.

At Mental Layer: Disinterest in physical intimacy, Lack of nurturing & grooming, trapped in a loop of random thoughts & Body shame, etc.

At Emotional Layer: Anger outbursts, Irritation, Frustration, Lack of love, Disgusting feeling about primal energy, Childhood sexual abuse & trauma, etc.


The objective of the Workshop:

This will help you discover your suppressed sexual energy which is the foundation of everyone’s Physical, Mental, Emotional wellbeing.

Once you have connected to and accepted your primal force it opens door to creativity and vitality.

There is a difference between the act and feminine energy.

Within three days you will be able to expand the consciousness around the primal force.

This practice will enable you to enjoy the youthfulness in combination with good health.


Day one: Complete theory to Understand Feminine Energy and how we block the flow, followed by few experiential meditative exercises & Homework.

Day Two: Discussion of the homework, Experiential meditative exercises, healing session & Homework.

Day Three: Theory on Love and Sensuality and how to grow it inward for your spiritual journey, Experiential exercises & Healing session.


Take Away:

This workshop will help you

* To heal all sorts of blocks related to your sensuality

* To Embrace your body and soul

* To connect with the inner self

* Physical, emotional, mental wellbeing

* Light body, youthfulness

* A sense of Content

* Feeling of being loved


Facilitator’s Bio: Chaina Karmakar

Chaina is a Spiritual Healer & Transformational Life Coach, gifted to read the deep psyche of the human mind and to heal them.

She feels that “Life always gives us unconditionally and human misery comes from seeing the lack of it.”

 Since childhood Chaina was always interested in mysticism which led to the journey of her spiritual growth.

With Universe guidance and her dedication, she has been healing people from all sorts of chronic disorders for the last 10 yrs.

All the healing techniques are time tested and validated by many of her clients.

She has more than 40 residential, non-residential workshops to her credit & healed more than 1000 people across the globe.

Chaina’s mission is to educate people to lead an effortless life

Date: 18th, 19th & 20th Sept, 2020

Timings: 4:30 – 6:00pm

Contribution: 2999/- INR

Contact : Krishna Meera on +91 9311131096

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