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We are pleased to offer the first ever collaborative workshop from the best-selling authors of “The Karma Kurry” and “Angels Speak”. Over two days you will be given the keys to unlock your heroic potential through Evolving Mindful Consciousness. By learning to create positive karma, you will emerge a conscious leader of your own life.

Rather than an abstract concept, you’ll come to know Karma as a practical pathway. We’ll explore how thoughts, words and actions affect your productivity, growth and abundance. And we’ll be empowering you with tools and techniques  – such as visioning and execution, the art of mindfulness, and calibrating exercises – to bring about the much-desired transformation in your world.

The goal is to help you attain all you are capable of, expanding through personal and professional growth to where you can master your own life leadership. With the rightful use of your innate gifts and talents you can create positive life karma and spread benefit through everything you get involved with. You can lead yourself to the place you really want to be.

In this workshop you will learn:

– Master you own life leadership
– Relevance of Karma and Eastern Wisdom in personal and professional growth
– The process of visioning and execute
– Art of Mindfulness
– Qualities of a true life leader

Jeroninio Francisco Torquato Almeida (Jerry)

Jerry was founder of the hugely influential Joy of Giving movement. He is an inspirational orator and Leadership Specialist Coach. Over the past 28 years, Jerry has addressed and positively influenced over 1.5 million people through live interactions and 10s of million people across the world, through his appearances on TV and features in media. Jerry’s vocation, mission & cause for engaging and working with people is to unleash their true potential, to discover the hero, leader, teacher and champion of change within themselves.

Jerry works towards creating a responsible, ethical work atmosphere and community, where he can leave every person much better than he found them. If each of us is not doing something to create a better world, he says, then there is no one else to blame. We must remember when we do something to create a better world, it shall benefit us and our families, and hence it is not selfless or altruistic but the basic responsibility of every human being. Jerry favorite Native Americans quote embodies this spirit, “Service is the rent we pay to occupy our space on Earth. We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”.

Roshani Shenaaz Nadirshah

In the second innings of her inspirational life, bestselling Author and Wholeistic Living Empowerist Roshani Shenazz conducts Spiritual Growth and Inner Potential workshops, seminars, retreats, meditations, and sessions, through her successful Wholeistic Living & Holistic Healing Centre.

A dynamic 23 years in media and films, where she worked for some of the biggest names in TV and the Indian Film Industry, was interrupted by an unfortunate prolonged illness compounded by sheer medical negligence.

What stayed with her were implicit faith, fortitude, courage and determination to rise above it all. Trusting her intuition despite financial obstacles, she quit a dream job to embark on a spiritual journey to enthuse people, unveil their own divine potential, and to recognize the same in others. Transformation followed, and still continues, with Roshani inspiring many lives across the Globe. “Empowerment” she says “is freedom from ignorance stepping into Awareness, filled with love and inspiration.”

Date & Timing : 22nd – 23rd July, 2017 (9.30 AM – 6.00 PM)


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