Light Language Certification Course : Beginner & Intermediate Level

Coming from the Mayan Lineage of Curanderos de Mexico, from 26 generations of miracle healers, Light language is one of the languages of creation, going 5 times faster than Light, that is made of sacred geometry shapes (polyhedra) and colors.

It’s a conscious use of the building blocks of the Universe to support the manifestation of any intention and to uplift your consciousness towards Unity.

This is the Language of Lightworkers!

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Learning Light Language will help you to:

–      Discover your own inner geometries and decide what you want to transform/shift in your life.

–      Understand the geometries of consciousness around you, in the environment, in people, in the society.

–     Create 7 chakra grids to transform your aura and your way to interact with reality. This can be done on others as well.

–      Create 7 shapes and colors grids for objects, places that will bring magic and specific qualities to them.

–      Create 49 shapes and colors grid, to support the manifestation of any intention, in a clear way, in a specific set of time.

–      Emanate at a speed faster than thought 7 shapes and colors grids to bring instant transformation in an environment or in someone.

Everything is geometry, or a set of geometries. Thoughts, emotions, actions, patterns, habits, beliefs…they all are reflected in our auric field as geometries, carrying different frequencies that our spirit perceives as colors. By becoming more aware of the geometries around you, and within you, you can emanate new geometries and colors to create a long lasting change, or to fine tune your qualities.

This is one of the most powerful tools to become a conscious co-creator of your life, as it enables you to have a fast, direct impact on your own reality.

Grids will put you in process, of awareness-transformation-healing, as every deep and efficient healing takes time to be integrated. But Light language will help you to integrate it faster, deeper, in a easy and gentle way.

Direct emanation will have a faster impact, but the effect will be shorter.

When you learn Light Language, you receive in your auric field, geometries and colors that later you can emanate directly around you or in grids. This is a caught teaching that requires the presence of a teacher of the lineage next to you. This cannot be learnt in books. It’s a direct transmission from the auric field of the teacher to your aura.

In the first 2 levels of Light Language, you will learn:

13 geometries and 18 colors. This is a great start to begin creating your life more consciously, with more magic, more clarity and more intentional power.

– You will learn the meaning of these geometries and colors, how to emanate them, and how to combine them in grids.

– You will write grids for yourself, and for communities.

– After the course, you can already write grids for people, for places, and you can support your community, as a service to the world.

– You will be able to write 7 chakras grids, 7 shapes stationary grids, and 49 shapes and colors grids.

You will be provided with 2 books, one for each level, in English, that explains all the details you’ll need to remember, and that contain many healing grids, already written, for the most common diseases.

This is a certified course, by Light Language School of Starr Fuentes, the holder of the Mayan lineage of Curanderos de Mexico (Healers of Mexico). You’ll receive your attestation at the end of the course.

The fee of this certified course is higher in other countries.


Facilitator : Demian Haye

DEMIAN HAYE, is the teacher of Magic Vibrations Healing School. He’s giving different healing workshops since 2005, and supports his students to empower and heal themselves. He blends quantum understanding, shamanic techniques and different energetic healing modalities in his unique way. Since 2017, he is a teacher of Light Language and is the first and only person to teach it in India.



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Date & Timings : 30th March-1st April 2018 ( 9:45 AM – 5:00 PM)


Contact : Shozo
Phone : +91 9654322882
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Alternate Contact : Maitri
Phone : +91 9250361903  
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