Magic Therapy Balls – it’s a system based on Myofascial release techniques with the usage of spiky balls that works on practical points, to relieve pain, blockages and relaxes the body while improving posture.

It is a system that restores normal body functioning with a combination of Acupressure, Five Elements and Traditional Chinese Meridians. The pressure increase blood circulation which helps in fast recovery from injuries.

In addition, get rid of knots and tightness in muscles and fascia which allows to increase flexibility and restoring mobility of joints.

The private session will be the focus on personal body type and issue and will be taught how to improve personal physical health.

Effective healing points:

  • to relieve pain/discomfort
  • to restore balance
  • to relax body and mind.
  • to increase the range of motion and flexibility
  • relieve menstrual disorder
  • prevent hyperopia
  • to reshape the body and firming and lifting face and neck.
  • to reduce wrinkles and dark circle.
  • refresh the body from head to toes
  • effectively relieve your own aches, pains and emotional release
  • understand own body better and reconnect your body to improve overall health
  • walk out taller, lighter and flowering smile from your heart

Therapy ball has been very helpful to help people in getting rid of chronic pain permanently, avoid surgery and restore the ability to walk and move their body in a functional way.

Facilitator Bio: Dileri Sadhana

Dileri Sadhana is simply rebellious, gypsy, free soul. After years of Traveling around Asia, she has been established in Kuala Lumpur in which she considers as her home. Dileri believes that every single moment of our lives should be in accordance with the holistic practicing of exercises. That is not only to concentrate on physical exercising but also taking into account the integrated connection of mind, body and soul as a holistic complementary cycle.

Being a bodyworker, Dileri’s focus has always been on healing the body and through the Body, definitely healing the Mind. She has been studying and certified in the following area of Bodywork:  Ayurveda Massages, Holistic practice of exercises such as Pilates and Yoga, Osho Active Meditations and Pranayama, Magic Ball Therapy.

In Kuala Lumpur, she is working in different holistic centers and studios as a Pilates and Pranayama Teacher, Meditation Facilitator, Ayurveda Practitioner and Food Advocate.

She has conducted many Workshops on the above-mentioned areas and learn how to heal yourself with practical daily techniques. She is educating people on how to connect deeper with their own body, listening to their feelings and get the message that their body is communicating. She has been invited as a Speaker in different acclaimed international festivals on wellbeing, yoga and mindfulness. She wrote few articles on acclaimed national and international Wellbeing magazines.

Date & Time: 28th July – 5th Aug 2018 (10:00 AM – 5:00 PM)

Contact: Kanika
Phone: +91 9311902245


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