Moving Breath – Creative experience of yoga, dance, voice & meditation

Moving Breath is an intense personal process in which the body is sensitized in a harmonious and holistic way through a combined, creative experience of yoga, dance, voice and meditation.

The simple functional and mechanical act of breathing transforms into a vital, dynamic and creative experience, sharpening the consciousness of the “self” and unfolding the energetic breath-body.

” From breath movement arises, movement becomes stillness, silence into sound, sound returns into movement” rhythm and dance, movement and singing become meditation, when practiced with a focused inner awareness: and borders between “within” and without” are erased.

This “other” reality does not separate us from the world we live in, but allows us to live a more fulfilled existence, in the “here and now”.

” Today I choose the multi colored facets of life
Today I choose the powerful vital energy coursing through me
Today I choose the vibrancy of the new dawn and the gentleness of the sunset
Today I choose to be Now Here instead of Nowhere.”

Facilitator: SheLa Raj

photo-10-150x150Sheela Raj, a.k.a. SheLa : from India/ France/ UK.: has traveled worldwide for the past 50 years sharing Life, Breath, Dance, Voice, Yoga  and the Creative Impulse in multiple fields, from the performing arts to education  therapy, women’s wellness and spiritual transformation via her method Moving Breath.

She is now fulfilling a long cherished dream of mentoring young multi disciplinary artists in India. She is acting as a catalyst for creative empowerment and change through ” Parivartan Dilli heArt”, a vocational program designed to bring high quality training in the arts to talented children of the slums.

Returning to Zorba the Buddha, with heArtLight, the collective she founded in 2011, to continue the journey with the free spirits who gather here.

Date & Time : 12th Oct, 2017 (5.45 PM – 8.00 PM)

Contact : Shia
Phone : +91 9717469268
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