Memoria Chicha- A Clown Show

Memoria Chicha is a theatrical clown show performed by a clown actress from South Latin America. It is the story of a loom that does not advance, of a restless calm, of a destiny that is rewritten at every moment.

Show Story:

Memory rests in your threads, the one that tastes as shared infusion at sunset, the one that germinates in the rifts of the hands of the farmers, the one that silently keeps in the hairstyles marking the way home. To her they turn off the light, she is preferred quiet and speaking softly.

Today she wakes up bringing water, washing wounds, watering the earth, erasing borders. And we humanity made of clay start to disintegrate to return to the earth and reborn.

Note from the Creators:

We focus on making a show to be shown in Latin American markets, this fact marked the pattern of language, rhythm and tone.

During the investigation we came across the art of the loom, which led us to the threads, and these to the time and the memory of the peoples.

In this way Memoria Chicha was born as a tribute to the memory of the people, to the history that does not live in the books but that nonetheless pulsates with force in the fields, the rivers, the stones, the markets, the kitchens, the trades , the stories, the songs and the dances.

Amares Theatre

We are beings born in a corner of the world, south of southern Latin America. Great plain, acuiferum crossed by rain, floods that transformed into rivers embrace us until we reach the immense sea.

We hear the sound of the water that runs through our lives, cleans us, transforms and excites us.

In Uruguay, in the long winters, when the sky turns gray, the downpour lasts for days and we feel invited to stay inside, with ourselves.

In summer, when the long-awaited rain arrives, the sidewalks overflow and our land laughs with happiness, we say “it rains Amares”.

At that moment we look deeply into each other’s eyes and complicity is one. The aroma of fried cakes kneaded by grandmothers becomes a massage to our soul, and the clay ovens, now wet, come alive.

Let us navigate like paper boats that speed through the flooded pathways. And before delivering it, we breathe deeply and ask for the three wishes, so that they are lost at the end of the block. The plenitude that means to live; love, seas, look, die, just feel ourselves inhabitants of this planet that crosses us at every step.

* Please wear loose and comfortable clothes

* This program is open to everyone, you can list this in the media

*All of our programs are in English


Date: 21st January 2020

Timings: 05:15 PM – 07:30 PM

Dinner/Lunch: Dinner

Contact: Krishna Meera (Sonali) +91 93111 31096



Contact: Shirish +91 95600 59085


Please call between 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM IST

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