Musica medicina is a meditative tribal experience that brings together sounds from ancient traditions and presents them in a contemporary form. The music is created in and for the moment, so direct communication can happen between the listeners, the players and the space. Vishesh and Rahul will bring in Shamanic beats via Tibetan horns, drums, and Amazonian rattles, while Pritha will add magic with her vocals!


Vishesh Kalimero – Turkish lute, Afghani Rabab, Persian setar, Mongolian throat singing

Rahul Jigyasu – Indonesian percussions, flutes, vocals

Pritha Chatterjee – vocals

Vishesh Kalimero has been travelling around the globe for the last 7 years in India, Nepal, Middle East, Europe and Latin America sharing healing sounds. He plays the long turkish bowed lute, Yayli tambur, Persian setar, the oldest Indian string instrument, Rudra Veena, the Afghani Rabab and does throat singing of different styles.


Rahul Jigyasu has studied tabla as his principal instrument. Currently living in Indonesia, exploring, creating and building instruments. He has the heart of a contemporary musician with roots based in ancient spiritual traditions. He plays the Tabla, Udu, Kaccapi from Indonesia and Didgeridoo and sings Indian classical.


Pritha Chatterjee is a  disciple of Pt Manik Sanyal(Indore gharana) and Vidushi Shubhra Guha (Agra Gharana), Pritha has been learning Hindusthani classical music for a long time. She holds a master’s in vocal music (khayal) from Rabindra bharati university. She has also been learning Rabindrasangeet from Smt. Kumkum Mitra. She had been selected as a Vocal Artist (‘B-HIGH’ category, Rabindrasangeet) by Akashbani, Kolkata (PrasarBharati) in the year 2014.Pritha regularly performs in Doordarshan and All India Radio. Her two Rabindra Sangeet Albums “PREME PRANE GANE” and “Prathabhanga Prem”released in 2013 and 2016 respectively. She has been performing extensively in and around Kolkata.

Date & Timing : 27th May, 2017 (6.45 PM – 8.00 PM)


Contact : Maitri
Phone : 9250361903

** This is a Free Concert. Please contribute Rs.200 at the ‘Zorba the Buddha’ Gate towards Campus Entry .
** You may donate freely to the Artistes.
** For those who wish to stay post concert, please book your contributory dinner with the contact person.