Are you READY to live the of life of ever flowing wealth & abundance you have secretly known yourself to deserve? Join us to for a most transformative experience to co-create wealth consciousness.

You will receive powerful energy clearings and empowerment transmitted LIVE to release you of over 30 major blocks that are often invisible and keep you moving in circles. Your simple mindful presence is required. You will be zapped into breaking free from limitation and lack mentality, until you emit a unified clear signal of wealth.

You are a magnet, constantly attracting the manifestation of the energy you embody. Resonance with people places situations and things makes them show up in your universe. And any discordant energy prevents them from showing up, no matter how badly you want them! This workshop if for you IF you are ready now to let go of the struggle, and allow yourself to receive prosperity, flowing joyfully with the power of now!

Ruci facilitates individual and group liberation & transformation through energy clearings and empowerment. Her life is filled with synchronistic happenings that lead her from one adventure to the next. After 10,000+ sessions, working worldwide with artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, journalists, writers, photographers, dances, athletes, home managers and healers, she finds herself still constantly exploring new ways of applying energy work and principles.

After a decade long stint as a lawyer, she started her spiritual journey in 2012. She is experienced and combines modalities including hypnotherapy, family constellations, akashic readings, yoga, energy and vibrational healing.

Date & Timing : 5th Mar, 2017 (9.30 AM – 4.30 PM)


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Phone : +91-9654327230
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