This retreat is a celebration of life and its mysteries. Here, we will learn to live so fully that we welcome each moment and accept it deeply.

Many techniques of meditation will be explored.

We will learn a Tibetan technique – Bardo, which can make our death a conscious event, replacing fear with total awareness.

A conscious death gives us the freedom to choose our next birth and enter it peacefully.

These processes will help us recognize our self, at the deepest core of our being, as consciousness.

When this realization descends, we live with the acceptance that everything in life comes and goes, so we feel freer and liberated.

Our entire outlook on life can change, we may recognize it as a divine gift and live more aware of each moment.

Osho says, ‘If you welcome death, if it is such a celebration, then you need not become unconscious. If it is a benediction you will become perfectly conscious in that moment.’


  • A sense of freshness and rejuvenation
  • More relaxation in daily life, less stressed in work and relationships
  • Being more present to the moment, with a sense of openness, love and joy
  • A diminishing or even disappearance of fear
  • Recognising yourself, at the deepest core of your being, as consciousness
  • Experiencing the truth that everything in life comes and goes

Facilitator Bio: Swami Satyadharma


Swami Satyadharma is a Ph.D. in the subjects of Agricultural science, particularly Horticulture. He has specialized in Floriculture and Landscaping from IARI, New Delhi with a Gold medal. He has also worked as a Professor and later served as a Principal in Agri-Business Management College. Worked as Director Student’s welfare two years in Navsari Agricultural University, Gujarat.

Published ten books on related subjects. More than 100 research papers and 35 students guided by me in Ph D. In M Sc I got best Teacher award. He met Osho first in 1969 and got initiated in 1972. Thereafter, he lived in Pune commune in his presence for three months. Having travelled far and wide, Sw. Satyadharma has conducted more than 100 camps in India as well USA, Holland and Nepal.

Date & Time: 

Check-In: 2nd Aug, 2.00 pm 

Check Out: 5th Aug, 2.00 pm 

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