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Medical science revealed an alarming fact 80% of the population is breathing wrong! Poor oxygenation is connected to most modern chronic conditions. Quick shallow breathing (hidden hyperventilation) results in oxygen starvation, which leads to obesity, reduced vitality, premature aging, poor immune system, chronic diseases, asthma, COPD.

The Nirvana fitness is a unique blend of uplifting positive music beat, simple to follow Pilates/yoga toning exercises and rhythmic breathing to detox the body. During the sessions or by practicing Nirvana we learn to normalize breathing and create conditions in your body for it to be able to regenerate and heal itself.

By this it aids to avert modern chronic conditions arising from stress followed by insufficient cell oxygenation. Nirvana does not treat symptoms; instead it solves the problem at its root.

Facilitator Bio: Neha SB

Fitness Instructor & Life Coach with professional certifications & international experience for multiple fitness programs. Experience in organizing & presenting at international fitness events in South Asia and South East Asia.

Experience in conducting trainings & fitness classes for different organizations, corporate, in gyms & as a free lance instructor in Singapore & India:

– YMCA Singapore

– Singapore National Health Board

-Changi Business Park, Great Eastern Singapore

-MMI Holdings Ltd, Singapore

-Delhi Dance Academy, Delhi

-The Leela Ambience, Gurgaon

-Bomiso & Heeaatz Gym, Gurgaon

Date & Time : 10th May, 2018 (5.45 PM – 7.30 PM)


Contact : Yama
Phone :  +91 9311115748
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