Opening to Self Love – Adoration Circle

Somewhere on this planet, there exists a tribe that has a special ritual to cut down a tree. Whenever they need wood for their daily life, they all gather around a tree and start condemning this tree, everyday.  Within 21 days, this tree dies.

This shows the power of criticism. We all have been condemned since our childhood. This is a slow poison that runs through our vein. This doesn’t allow us to trust and love ourselves the way we are.

BUT the good news is, that the power of appreciation is far greater than the power of criticism. Whenever someone appreciates us, something starts to flower within us. We start to trust life. This brings healing to our body, mind, heart and being.

During these 3 hours, we are going to come together as one tribe and take part in a ritual of self-love and healing. We will start with a playful structure to come together in trust and then be led towards a circle of adoration.

Key benefits of this ritual:

  •   You will trust yourself
  •   Love the way you are
  •   Start appreciating your friends, relatives, lovers and life itself
  •   You will have explosion of energy that you can use for creative projects
  •   Feeling very good about yourself
  •   And, having good time…

Facilitator Bio : Ma Prem Bhakti

Ma Bhakti, a certified clinical hypnotist, began her spiritual journey in 1997, when she was introduced to Osho by a dear friend. She felt an instant connection with the Master and since then, there has been no looking back for her. Bhakti continues to do many of Osho active meditations which have helped her transform from a caterpillar to a butterfly. She is a trained teacher in Cranio-sacral Balancing, Hypnotherapy and Yoga. Over the years, she has attended various courses such as Tibetan Pulsing, Tantra and Feminine energy work.

Date & Timings : 23rd April 2018 ( 5:45 PM – 8:00 PM)

Contact : Vimal
Phone : +91 9250361903  
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