Workshops Opened in Shakti Retreat

Awaken the Giant Within : Kundalini Meditation      

Tap into the Kundalini energy and ease stress, fear & lethargy.

Jan 26, 1:30 pm, INR 2500 (includes Lunch)


Spiritual Sauna : Shamanic Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Healing for the body, mind, emotions, spirit.

Jan 26, 5:00 pm, INR 3500 (includes Dinner)


Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing

Letting go of past baggage and setting the intentions, followed by Sound Healing.

Jan 26, Thu, 7:30 pm, INR 3500 (includes Dinner)


Transgenerational Healing : Family Constellation      

Role-play to access the subconscious patterns of family members across generations.

Jan 27, Fri, 09:45 am, INR 2500 (includes Lunch)


Sacred Earth Meditation

Transforming negative emotions into Joy and Love. 

Jan 27, Fri, 1:30 pm, INR 2500 (includes Lunch)


Overcoming Fear : Fire Walk

Walking on Fire. Transforming fear. Exploring the Here & Now.

Jan 27, Fri, 5:00 pm, INR 2500 (includes Dinner)


Emotional Healing Meditation : A.U.M Meditation    

Enhance emotional understanding by observing emotions in a quick marathon.

Jan 27, Fri, 7:30 pm, INR 2500 (includes Dinner)


Therapeutic Dance Rhythms

Discovering our individual movement language by expressing ourselves.

Jan 28, Sat, 10:45 am, INR 2500 (includes Lunch)


Bring forth Talent from Past Lives 

Bring back a certain talent from a past life for gain in the present.

Jan 28, Sat, 1:30pm, INR 2500 (includes Lunch)


The Red Party : Menarche to Menopause

Look into various myths and heresies about our menstrual journeys; learning to honor our power.

Jan 28, Sat, 5:00 pm, INR 2500 (includes Dinner)


Rising Moon Wild Party : Be Your Own Muse

Exploring the Flow of Unconditional Love within!

Jan 28, Sat, 7:30 pm, INR 2500 (includes Dinner)


Create Your Own Avatar with Clay         

Express yourself by creating your own Wonder Woman Avatar 2.0.

Jan 29, Sun, 10:45 am, INR 2500 (includes Lunch)




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