Osho satsang are a combination of meditation, dance, celebration, silence and discourse. It is an unique opportunity to get introduced to Osho.

Osho says,“That which cannot be said has to be experienced. This is a great experience of getting into the inner space. Something is experienced in this gathering which no one has been able to define. It’s the peak of all day of work, meditation or groups.”

Every Wednesday this gathering starts with kundalini meditation to help participants to come to here and now. Then we dance and celebrate to the special music which was created for the White Robe Gatherings. This is followed by osho video/discourse. We will conclude the evening with a nourishing dinner.

White robes will be provided for the evening.



Facilitator : Ashwin Bharti, Ma Bhakti, Prem Tanmay, Anand Leela

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Ma Bhakti has been trained as a leader of social meditations from the Osho Humaniversity in Netherlands. She has been a meditation leader and yoga instructor with Zorba the Buddha for almost 2 years. Bhakti is a certified clinical hypnotherapist since 1997; she has received yoga initiation and training from renowned institutions like Bihar School of Yoga, Sivananda Yoga Center and Kaivalyadham. As a life coach she has been instrumental in supporting and guiding people in their journey towards self-discovery.


Ashwin Bharti became a disciple of Osho in 1977 and is an ambassador of Osho’s vision. From being a successful businessman, he became a philanthropist and started helping himself & others in their spiritual journey. Being a channel for Osho’s energy, Ashwin created Zorba the Buddha, one of the world’s largest open faith spiritual centre and cultural hub. Over the years, he has received transmissions from various teachers in Sufism, Tantra, Zen, Taoism, Shamanism, Tibetan Pulsing, Osho meditative therapies, meditations, breathwork, bodywork, biodanza, contact improvisation, art, music and aesthetics.


Ananda Leela got introduced to Osho through an expressive art workshop at the age of 15 which marked the beginning of her spiritual journey with the Master. She moved to London for higher education and completed her PhD in Psychiatry.

Through all these years, Ananda continued to learn and develop on various spiritual and healing modalities including Reiki, Osho meditation techniques and Sufi practices like Du’a, Whirling and Gibberish. Having keen interest in music, dance, expressive art and poetry she wishes to encourage their use as therapeutic techniques.She sees beauty in the sacred as well as mundane and derives her bliss from spreading joy!

Zorba the Buddha brought about a turning point in Ananda’s spiritual quest, such that she has now re-located back to India with the vision to amalgamate the Western education with Eastern spiritual practices.

Prem Tanmay An innocent search brought Swami Prem Tanmay to the feet of his Guru Osho. When one of his friends introduced him to Osho magazine, he was overwhelmed by the words of the master as Each word touched his heart and he knew he has found his master. Osho books and his master’s voice became his life before his initiation to Sanyas by Swami Vairagya Amrit on 29th February 2004, at Oshodaham, New Delhi. Ever since he has been meditating and spreading the fragrance of meditation in his neighbourhood. For some time he lived And worked at Osho ashram in Pune. An entrepreneur by profession, he facilitates meditation camps at Oshodhams regularly while he himself Continues to travel the path of life in love, silence and gratitude.



Date & Timing :  4th, 11th, 18th & 25th April, 2018 (5.45 PM – 7.30 PM)

(Every Wednesday)

Contact : Shozo
Phone : +91 9654322882
Email : explore@zorbathebuddha.org

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