Osho – the master of masters, a modern day mystic whose wisdom, rebellious spirit and humour has transformed the lives of millions around the globe.

His teachings liberated people from the shackles of religion and conformity.

Osho coined the concept of a new man – Zorba the Buddha, one who celebrates and meditates.

Osho’s teachings are an amalgamation of the healing arts of the East and modern therapies of the West.

This festival, a gratitude to the enlightened master, will give us a taste of his work: Tantra, Zen, Sufism, esoteric sciences, and centering techniques, breathwork, yoga, biodanza, heart dance, and many Osho active meditations.

You will also have the opportunity to get one-on-one sessions with the healers and therapists.

The evenings will be blessed by Osho’s discourse in the White Robe gathering. After dinner, there will be musical and dance performances, talent show, closing party or special night meditations.

Come let’s live Osho’s vision !!

In spirit….Lets meditate with the Buddha, dance with Krishna and celebrate with Rumi!

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Key Offerings

Osho’s scientifically-designed methods are active in nature and pave the way for inner transformation. We will explore power-packed practices like Dynamic, Nataraj, Gourishankar, Naadbrahma, and Mandala in this festival!

Sufism’s whole concern is love—intense, passionate love, said Osho.

We will connect with the beloved within through practices like Gibberish, No Dimension, Zikr, Gurdieff movements and whirling like Dervishes.

Biodanza means the dance of life. In this session, we will explore our body’s natural movements to music and learn to be playful again!

AUM – Awareness, Understanding, Meditation – is an Osho Humanversity practice that takes you through 14 aspects of the human experience using movement, role play and voice in a safe environment.

Get ready to shake the stress and the distress away as you reclaim the joy of being alive!

Coaching, healing, massage, hands on therapy, breathing and energetic transmission helps to release shame, guilt, lack of trust or anything that limits you from being as alive and loved as you deserve.It is a sacred space where you have the full focus and attention.

A space to explore your innermost desire and the true core of yourself – the light within.

Social Meditation involves the co-meditators supporting you as they act as your mirror, allowing you to see yourself more clearly.

It is designed to help you deepen friendships & create new ones and also, to get you in touch with your power & vitality.

By participating in this workshop, you can regain the taste for life and experience a deep sense of liveliness, warmth and relaxation.

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Our Facilitators & Healers

Ashwin Bharti became a disciple of Osho in 1977 and is an ambassador of Osho’s vision.

From being a successful businessman, he became a philanthropist and started helping himself & others in their spiritual journey.

Being a channel for Osho’s energy, Ashwin created Zorba the Buddha, one of the world’s largest open faith spiritual centre and cultural hub.

Over the years, he has received transmissions from various masters in Sufism, Tantra, Zen, Shamanism, Pulsing, Osho therapies & meditations, bodywork, biodanza, contact improvisation, art and music.

Amar is design graduate from NID, Ahmedabad. He is highly enthusiastic, creative artist who live to design.

He is engaged across sectors, scale and user segments being the ‘sutradhaar’ between brands, organisations and users.

Currently he is working with Xseed Education and a visiting faculty with NID, Kurukshetra and SACAC, Delhi.

Manoj is a Director, writer, Theatre-in–education expert, story teller who wholly devoted to the exploration of roles played by the philosophies and methodologies of theatre in the formative aspects of the growth of children and young adults.

He has led many issue based Theatre workshops with students, teachers, principals, teacher trainees, parents, youth and employees.

In addition, he has worked with institutions like National School of Drama, NTPC, S.C.E.R.T., BhartiyaVidyaBhawans, Naval Public School, S.D.Public School, AnandNikeytan School , Fun Republic (Ahmedabad), and many more.

Manoj has been conducting month long theatre workshops for schools and organisations.

Contact Improvisation dancer, vagabond and independent artist with background in somatics, contact improvisation, creative writing, and various improvisation methods studied across the globe.

She is interested in embracing artistic practices from different cultures into a creative process, and looking at the trans-disciplinary potential when working with text, image, sound, and movement. With her work she aims to develop a better understanding of an artistic assemble as interdependent on the exchange of attention, perception, and judgment in decision-making of its members.

She is also curious about working with instant composition in performances and pushing the boundaries of spectator-performer relationship through participatory and experiential pieces.

I started travelling quite early in my life. As per societal norms, all was going great in my life, be it the personal, professional or social front – and yet there were some eternal questions haunting me since adolescence.

This quest took me to several people and places, in and outside India, who taught me valuable lessons of life. I also stumbled upon Osho’s teachings and after some time took Sanyans.

On my path, I experienced and got enriched from the ancient wisdom of different forms – Hatha Yoga, Sufism, Bioenergetics, Hypnosis, Tantra, Taoism, Pranic Healing, Shamanism… but something that I felt most drawn to was Tibetan Pulsing and once in it’s safe hands, stuck to this ancient esoteric modality since several years, yet carrying a deep respect for all the different teachings learnt so far.

An Engineer by qualification, Bureaucrat by profession, Meditator by soul journey and a Healer by destiny, I believe that we all are the embodiment of – Sat Chit Ananda – Truthful Consciousness to take us to Eternal Bliss.

Only a ‘small’ push is needed for reconciliation to this divine truth.

Now I know, the answer I was searching all this while, simple lies within me – Sat Chit Ananda.

Prem Luca started his spiritual journey at a very early age.

His main work has been to unify the spiritual path of the East, following Osho (he became his sanyasi in 1980) and other Indian masters, with the Native American tradition and the Shamanic world.

He has travelled all over the World to connect with the Native people and preserve their teachings, learning about the Old way of the human being, the Circle way as well as the use of medicinal plants.

Prem Luca De Santis travelled to India for the first time in 1980, when he met Osho and became his sannyasi.

From 1987 he has lived for long periods in Thailand where he came closer to Taoist philosophy and the practice of Tai Chi Chuan.

In the 1990s, he started travelling to South and Central America, getting close to Shamanism and the traditions of Native American people.

Since then he’s been working with Manitonquat-Medicine Story, leading Sweat Lodges and Vision Quests.

He has been trained in Holotropic Breath-work and Re-birthing by the founders of these powerful healing techniques.

Initiated in OSHO Neo Sanyass in 1996, Sw.Nirav Jayant facilitates OSHO Meditation Camps all over India.

He has expertise in Tai Chi10, 16 forms Shi-Ba-Shi 1 and has been practicing since past 6 years.

He has been trained by Mahavir who’s is an international trainer and champion for THANG-TA. (Manipuri Martial Art ).

Nirav also facilitates various dancing Meditations like Chakra Dance, Mantra Dance and CHI Dance.He has created a 10 step social meditation called Buddha in Me.

Nidhi embarked on her spiritual journey as a scholar.

She holds a Ph.D. degree from Delhi University in Osho’s vision of Education for the new man.

Soon she realized that what Osho expounded cannot be restricted to a thesis.

She became a sannyasin and totally soaked herself into experiencing every aspect of Osho phenomenon.

It soon started flowing through her.

She has got AUM leadership training for emotional well-being from Humaniversity, Netherlands, one of the largest centers for personal growth and therapy.

She is a trained Mars-Venus coach.

She is a trained facilitator of No Mind therapy.

Also, she is a student of Tantra and Hypnotherapy.

She has conducted numerous seminars and conferences on Osho’s vision.

She has been facilitating many workshops all over India on subjects like emotional wellness, dance therapy, conscious parenting, couple meditation, chakra awareness and life skills.

Lifang Huang has trained from a young age in Taiwanese-style Shiatsu massage and Thai massage in Taiwan and Thailand.

Over the years she has created her own therapy styles combining various techniques she has learned during her many years of practice.

Tibetan Sound Bowls is one of her domains of practice.

She lives and practices in Paris and Chamonix. She spends her time between Europe, India and South-East Asia where she can be found giving healing sessions at many conscious gatherings.

Ishi is the founder and lead teacher of Samma Karuna. He has been teaching Tantra for 8 years and practicing for over 12 years.

He is also an experienced Vipassana meditator and creator of a number of social meditations (including Samma Karuna AUM mediation, Tree of Harmony meditation and Shower of love mediation amond others).

Ishi is certified Taoist instructor having studing with master Mantak Chia in Tao Garden.

He is autor of Intimidades(R), a Tantric board-game sold in South America. He also has a background in dance therapy, having studing Biodanza in Argentina and creator of the system known as BioDevelopment(R).

Psychologist, leader of woman’s circle, woman dao practices (Certified facilitator) mysteries, woman tantra. Osho meditation certified facilitator. Individual psychologist consulting 5 years, leading woman retreats in Russia and other countries.


Date: Dec – 29th, 30th, 31st &  Jan – 1st, 2nd, 3rd

Days: Sunday-Friday

Program starts at 3 pm on 29th December, Sunday
We conclude 2:00 pm on  3 rd January, Friday

This festival will be conducted in English.

Due to an overwhelming response for the above, we are unable to call everyone back. Please feel free to reach out to us on the contact mentioned below.

Contact:  Sonali

Phone: +91 9311131096

Email: joy@zorbathebuddha.org


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Phone: +91 9560059085

Email: zeal@zorbathebuddha.org

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