Osho Neo Reiki Sessions

Osho Neo Reiki evolved in Osho Commune International in 1989, beginning with the guidance of Ma Anand Himani- founder of Osho institute of Neo Reiki & Creativity.

The name Osho Neo Reiki was given to Anand Himani by Osho in March 1989.

Reiki is the simplest and most natural technique, not coming from “doing” and “must”, but from letting happen, letting flow and “allowing”.

It is a natural healing art.

Reiki (pronounced as ‘Reiki’) is a Japanese word. REI means ‘Universal’, KI means ‘Life Energy’.

It is the inexhaustible energy which fills the universe, which permeates and maintains all living beings.

Benefits Of Osho Neo Reiki Sessions :

☆ Opens up the blockages and strengthens weak energy places inside the body.

☆ Dissolves and transforms pain at all levels.

☆ Extremely nourishing for the body and the being.

☆ Deeply supports in re-gaining strength by replenishing the organs and the body on the whole with renewed energy.

☆ Highly supportive in opening into creativity and into one’s true potential.

~For tasting the quality of well-being, it is recommended to take a full hour session in which the whole body will be covered by laying on the Reiki hands on the basic positions (around twenty) so that all parts of the system receive energy from the source as much as they want at that time.

~For transforming blocks or weak energy places to the natural potential of aliveness, a package of 3 sessions is offered in which deep and specific work is possible, old energy patterns dissolve, energy bodies are nourished, and a new alignment of the energy centres (chakras) can be established.

~For harmonizing the chakras, specific treatment on the energy centres is offered, bringing them back into balance, giving the receiver a chance to feel more relaxed, naturally re-establishing the energy flow.

Facilitator: Divyam Rashmi

Divyam Rashmi is a certified teacher and trainer for Osho Neo Reiki.

She has been initiated as Osho Neo Reiki Master by Ma Anand Himani, founder of Osho Neo Reiki and Osho Institute of Neo Reiki and creativity in 1989.

Divyam Rashmi has been a seeker, a student of life and has been on her spiritual quest since almost two decades now, learning from the Masters of east and west, meeting spiritual leaders, travelling to high vibrational places by herself and with meditative groups, studying metaphysics and various therapeutic modalities.

Her journey started at a very tender age through energy work due to her strong connection with mystic arts and her deep inclination towards learning alternate healing, and this journey transformed her life inside-out at all levels.

For more than 16 years now, Rashmi has been exploring, learning and practicing different forms of alternative healing therapies.

In August 2013, Rashmi was initiated into Osho Neo Sanyaas by Ma Neelam at Osho Nisarga, and she has been growing into it since then.

In December 2014 Divyam Rashmi was initiated as Osho Neo Reiki Master by her beloved teacher, Ma Anand Himani.

Rashmi has learned and practiced several other techniques of body or energy-work and all of this together has opened the door to her very own inner knowing.

Having undertaken her own rites of passage she now helps and supports others, creating harmony in and around, and opening into one’s true potential.

As of now, Divyam Rashmi is open to sharing individual Osho Neo Reiki sessions with those who are willing to experience this beautiful healing energy.

Date and Timing: 8th – 31st July (1:00 PM- 7:00 PM)

This session will be conducted in English

*It is recommended to take 3 to 5 sessions to experience deeper results at all levels of the being.

“Pre-Booking is Mandatory”

Contact: Gautam 

Phone: 8929669101

Email: express@zorbathebuddha.org


Contact: Punam

Phone: +91 9250361903  

Email: happiness@zorbathebuddha.org

Please Call between 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM IST

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