Osho Neo Reiki Sessions by Divyam Rashmi 

*Keeping the prevailing situation in mind, our programs have been cancelled till the 31st March, 2020. We will review the same and notify you on the updated schedule.

Osho Neo Reiki evolved in Osho Commune International in 1989, beginning with the guidance of Ma Anand Himani- founder of Osho institute of Neo Reiki & Creativity.

The name Osho Neo Reiki was given to Anand Himani by Osho in March 1989.

Reiki is the simplest and most natural technique, not coming from “doing” and “must”, but from letting happen, letting flow and “allowing”.

It is a natural healing art.

Reiki (pronounced as ‘Reiki’) is a Japanese word. REI means ‘Universal’, KI means ‘Life Energy’.

It is the inexhaustible energy which fills the universe, which permeates and maintains all living beings.

Benefits Of Osho Neo Reiki Sessions :

☆ Opens up the blockages and strengthens weak energy places inside the body.

☆ Dissolves and transforms pain at all levels.

☆ Extremely nourishing for the body and the being.

☆ Deeply supports in re-gaining strength by replenishing the organs and the body on the whole with renewed energy.

☆ Highly supportive in opening into creativity and into one’s true potential.

∼ Osho Neo Reiki Full Body Hands-On-Healing Sessions ∼ 

Osho Neo Reiki Full Body Hands on Healing Session

Osho Neo Reiki full body hands-on healing sessions are excellent for deep relaxation and rejuvenation, replenishing the body and mind with fresh and renewed energy.

During a full body session, the whole body of an individual will be covered by laying on the Reiki hands on the basic positions (around twenty) so that all parts of the system receive energy from the source as much as they want at that time.

This session can help you deeply relax, feeling nourished and rejuvenated at all levels of body and being, along with other major benefits that can be :

✓ dissolving pain

✓ overcoming anxiety

✓ regaining strength

✓ opening up of blockages

✓ overcoming shock and stress

✓ balancing the energy centres or the chakras

✓ works on emotional and psychological levels

✓ helps in overcoming depression and migraine

✓ helpful in recovering from emotional shocks etc.

Timings: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours (each session)

∼ Osho Neo Reiki Mental Healing Sessions ∼

The conscious mind represses memories into the unconscious mind, and there is no way for the unconscious to release any of its repressed memory content directly.

If not released, the suppressed or the repressed memories, mostly coming from childhood, slowly continue to hinder the quality of life of a person in a big way causing imbalances, blockages or serious disorders in the long run.

Osho Neo Reiki Mental Healing Sessions can help an individual in relieving their conscious mind of its old patterns and conditionings, thereby allowing the unconscious mind to release through the conscious all the repressed memories; gradually removing the blockages from a person’s energy-centres, facilitating a smooth flow of energy.

During this session specific energy work would be done on the upper part of the body, mainly the head area.

Energy is channeled in a way that enables the conscious mind to establish a connection with the subconscious mind, and that is helpful in gradually dissolving and releasing long-held memories and old patterns that no longer serve an individual.

Osho Neo Reiki Mental Healing Sessions can be helpful in:

✓ breaking old patterns of behavior

✓ overcoming belief-systems and conditionings that no longer work

✓ overcoming unhealthy past memories

✓ dissolving pain and trauma held in the energy-field

✓ overcoming anxiety and depression

✓ dissolving stuck energy

✓ overcoming blockages

✓ enhancing smooth flow of energy

✓ promoting the well-being of an individual

✓ enhancing the over-all quality of life

Timings: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Duration: 1 hour (each session)

∼ Osho Neo Reiki Chakra Balancing Sessions ∼

We have seven major chakras in our body that run along our spine.

These chakras are the energy-centers of our body, and an imbalance in any one of the chakras impacts an individual’s whole well-being.

Since each chakra is related to a particular endocrine gland in the body associated with that chakra, hence any disharmony in the chakras causes disharmony in the body, mind, emotions and energy; and collectively it all starts affecting the well-being of an individual.

Chakra balancing sessions aim to identify and release any possible blockages from the body, mind and energy of the receiver.

Osho Neo Reiki Chakra Balancing Sessions involve laying Reiki hands on different chakras on the body and the energy is channeled into specific energy centers, amplifying the free-flow of energy in the body, tuning all the chakras and bringing them in alignment with each other and with the physical body of the receiver.

These sessions are greatly helpful to restore health, balance and a sense of well-being at all levels.

Osho Neo Reiki Chakra Balancing Sessions can be helpful in :

✓ experiencing the inner space of being well-balanced

✓ having a grounded and centered energy

✓ restoring balance in your chakra-system

✓ increase in personal power

✓ developing confidence and energy

✓ cultivating freedom and happiness to feel good about oneself and life

✓ opening to the heart’s love and compassion

✓ expanding in awareness

✓ promoting positive living and the general well-being of an individual

Timings: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Duration: 1 hour (each session)

Facilitator: Divyam Rashmi

Divyam Rashmi is a certified teacher and trainer for Osho Neo Reiki.

She has been trained and initiated as Osho Neo Reiki Master by Ma Anand Himani, founder of Osho Neo Reiki and Osho Institute of Neo Reiki and creativity, 1989. Rashmi has been a seeker, a student of life and has been on her spiritual quest from a very tender age, learning from the Masters of east and west, meeting spiritual teachers, travelling to high vibration places by herself and with meditative groups, studying metaphysics and various therapeutic modalities.

Her journey started at a very early age through energy work due to her strong connection with mystic arts and her deep inclination towards learning alternate healing therapies, and this journey transformed her life inside-out at all levels. Since more than two decades now, Rashmi has been learning and practicing different forms of alternate healing therapies.

In August 2013, Divyam Rashmi was initiated into Osho Neo Sanyaas by Ma Neelam at Osho Nisarga, and she has been constantly growing into this inner journey she has undertaken.

After assisting her teacher Ma Anand Himani for few years and working very closely with her and completing all the levels of Osho Neo Reiki under her teacher’s loving guidance, in December 2014 Divyam Rashmi was initiated as Osho Neo Reiki Master by her beloved teacher, Ma Anand Himani. Rashmi is also a Master in traditional USUII Reiki.

She has learned and practiced for several years many other techniques of body and energy-work like tibetan pulsing, shamanism, tantra, angel healing, crystal healing, tarot cards, rising star healing, theta healing, hypnotherapy, past life regression, hypno-birthing, access consciousness, access bars etc and apart from these Divyam Rashmi has also received proper training in sound healing with singing bowls and gongs, and all of this together has opened the door to her very own inner knowing.

Having undertaken her own rites of passage, she now helps and supports others through specific energy work, creating harmony in and around, and helping an individual open into their true potential. Divyam Rashmi is available to share one-on-one healing sessions with all who are willing to experience through her a beautiful vibration energy healing.

*Sessions will be conducted in English

*It is recommended to take 3 to 5 sessions to experience deeper results at all levels of the being.

“Pre-Booking is Mandatory”

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Days: Weekdays (Monday – Friday)
Timings: 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Duration: 60 mins – 120 mins (Each session)

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Email: connect@zorbathebuddha.org


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